Smarticle 50

Smarticle 50

On the eve of triggering Article 50, is your business geared?

It took Greenland, a country with a population of 60,000 and fish as their major industry, 3 years to negotiate a route out of the EU. With a population of 60 million and the second biggest economy in Europe, it is easy to see why many view Brexit as the most complex diplomatic negotiation in modern political history. Disentangling over 40 years of EU integration at a negotiating table of 27 different countries will be no mean feat. But what does it all mean for business? 

Here’s a rhetorical Q&A of some of the bigger questions -

  • Do I have the sales talent to unlock new opportunities outside the EU?

Whatever your view is on Brexit, the unpredictable environment it will foster until the terms of exit are agreed upon is indisputable. We may, in the long run, negotiate better trade deals with European countries. We may not. Companies need to be prepared for any eventuality. Almost half of Britain’s existing trade is with the EU - but in Brexit’s capricious landscape, the safer move is to look further afield. Have you got the talent at your disposal to unpick new revenue streams in different markets? To resolve this concern you need to get recruitment right at the first time of asking. That’s where we step in.  Discover how our unrivalled 21 year pedigree  in unleashing and developing the most effective growth talent on the market could empower your business at this pivotal time. 


  • Will I be facing a headcount freeze? How will we hit target? 

In the immediate aftermath of the successful leave vote, companies froze their recruitment in the face of unpredictable hiring climes. As the world tentatively waits on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, the risk of hiring more staff is tangible. There is a clear problem – development plans are handicapped by a company’s inability to add more fuel for growth. It's unsurprising that the contracting market is set to fly - the challenge will be guaranteeing the very best quality and talent. Our Sales as a Service model solves this problem, empowering you to hire the talent you need, without the headcount you don’t. Pareto Saas is the ultimate contracting business weapon for pro-active sales oriented businesses.


  • How will Brexit affect the STEM talent pool?

There is a shortfall of STEM candidates for a glut of STEM opportunities in the UK. This was common knowledge before the referendum to leave the EU was on anyone’s lips. One of the methods organisations have used to redress this imbalance is by hiring specialists from European countries. The uncertainty of border control and free movement posed by Brexit means that there are no guarantees of this continuing. Brexit could very well narrow an already thin pool of STEM professionals available to employers. Pareto’s tech initiative ensures that we source more quality STEM candidates than our competitors – it’s why we’re relied upon by some of the biggest names in the tech industry globally. Brexit proof your tech talent pool today.


  • How can I successfully sell at a new price premium as rising import costs reduce my margins?

Earlier this year, Theresa May signalled her intention to move away from the single market as part of her Brexit vision. Should that come to pass, what does it mean for business? Uniform tariffs and costs imposed on EU member states will no longer apply. Freedom to negotiate will be tempered by the potential rise on imports and the fraught relationships with those that remain in the EU. There is the very real possibility you’ll have to raise your price premiums. But just how do you go about justifying this to your customers?  Our unrivalled training on how to sell at a premium whilst still driving top line growth is renowned in the industry, so shore up your team’s talents.


Thematically, the Brexit negotiations present uncertain tumult for business globally. Whether it’s soft, hard, black or white, whether the outcome is positive, negative or somewhere in between, the one thing you can rely on is the uncertain limbo until an arrangement is agreed.

We’ll help you circumvent that uncertainty.

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