So why us?

A new world of information and messaging

Google and Youtube have changed the game as far as learning and development are concerned. Now, everyone is empowered to seek out information to plug knowledge gaps.

We want our information bite sized, easily accessible, and at our fingertips when we need it most.

As a result, Pareto’s renowned classroom sales training is now supported with our new LPI accredited digital program.

This comprehensive suite of training modules is uniquely designed to build upon our classroom learning and to ensure training is there as a support tool out in the field.

  • Elearning has the power to increase retention rates by


Pareto’s E-learning is built on years of research

The Power of Pareto Blended Sales Training

84% of skills based learning is forgotten on leaving the classroom if not applied – but all too often leaders lack the time and resources to embed the new learning.

Our new suite of independent digital learning programs addresses this problem head on.

Pareto Digital not only empowers managers to track the individual’s progress, but is uniquely designed to ensure Long-term Behaviour Change, Sales Impact and
Return on Investment


Convenient access anywhere and anytime allows for practise out in the field. This ensures a powerful blended learning approach constantly embedding the learning in the forefront of the mind.


Bite-sized interactive digital exercises build upon acclaimed classroom technique, creating a deeper and more rounded understanding.


The variety of application exercises and constant mobile use integrates the training into the day to day role. This generates immediate and ongoing sales impact and further embeds retention.

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How well can you read people?

Adapting your sales approach is key to success
Test your skills now

We are all inviduals with our own personality traits.

Adapting our communication style according to the behaviours of the buyer is key

Take our three minute Personality Styles test from our Sales Fundamentals training module - and test your own skills now.

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Blended Learning is the way forward

Pareto are leading the industry change

By 2019 it is expected that 50% of learning will be on-line.

Blended learning increases productivity by over 50%.

Elearning market is valued at £51 billion & growing.

74% of people learn from mobile devices.

For more insight on the dynamic Blended Learning market play our two minute video above.

Harvey Smith, Regional Data Systems

"Pareto’s new digital training programmes are an invaluable support tool for any young sales executive out in the field."

Giles Hearn, Marketing Director

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