Why We Are Different

What makes Pareto stand out from the crowd? 


When it comes to matching you to the best sales executive roles in the UK and abroad, we take a unique approach to sales recruitment and development.

Beyond the credentials

We aren’t your standard recruitment agency. We believe there is more to future sales leaders than what can be put down on paper. That’s why we use competency-based methods to screen and assess each and every sales person who comes to us. We go beyond your CV, using a variety of tools to fully determine your skills and sales acumen, gaining the best possible understanding of what you’re about.

The best executive jobs

With our extensive experience providing sales graduates and sales training across the UK and abroad, we have established a reputation as the UK’s leading sales recruitment providers. We have one of the largest client pools in the industry, bringing you exclusive sales executive opportunities and delivering the perfect executive sales roles for you. When it comes to your career, you need to know where you’re headed. With Pareto, you can be confident that the role we find is perfectly matched to your aspirations and experience.

Taking you further

We can offer more than just recruitment. If you are looking to get ahead and shape the future of your career, we bring you accreditation and market-leading sales training, covering areas including sales leadership and key account management. We equip you with the tools you need to get to the top.

The Pareto Effect is tangible. It is very real. It can have a remarkable, measurable effect upon your future career. And it is only available from the UK’s biggest and most successful sales, recruitment, training and enhancement company: the authority on sales, no less, since 1995. Pareto Law.

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