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  • Why are we called Pareto Law?Click to expand
  • Why a career in sales?Click to expand
  • Do I have to have a degree?Click to expand
  • I’m not a recent graduate. Can I still apply?Click to expand
  • Do I need experience?Click to expand
  • I have a disability, can I still apply?Click to expand
  • Am I eligible to apply if I require a work visa?Click to expand
  • What kind of person are we looking for?Click to expand
  • How do I apply and what is the recruitment process?Click to expand
  • What does the assessment day involve?Click to expand
  • What do I need to bring on my assessment day?Click to expand
  • Is there a guarantee of a job?Click to expand
  • How many people will I be presenting in front of?Click to expand
  • What is a psychometric profile?Click to expand
  • Is travel expensed?Click to expand
  • How many people will be there?Click to expand
  • What should I wear?Click to expand
  • Is there food?Click to expand
  • What time will the day finish?Click to expand
  • Who are the clients?Click to expand
  • How many people are successful on the day?Click to expand
  • Why an assessment day and not a face to face interview?Click to expand
  • How long will it take for me to be placed after being successful?Click to expand
  • What type of role can I expect to secure?Click to expand
  • Where would I be working if I’m successful?Click to expand
  • When would I be expected to start my new role if I’m successful?Click to expand
  • What package can I expect as part of my role?Click to expand
  • Is there any training included with my role?Click to expand

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