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Our culture at Pareto

Dress to Impress.

When you’ve got a target to hit and the day calls for you to get on the phone and bring in the business, it pays to have the right mind set and the right people behind you. Our themed cold calling days are the stuff legends are made of: from Superheroes to Where’s Wally, from the races to Britain's Got Talent, Mr&Mrs and the Euro football, we’ve had it all. We get everyone in the office donning fancy dress and decorate the desks to match, with games and challenges to break up even the most mundane of tasks. We’ve had everything from quizzes and egg-and-spoon races to the cereal box game and office chair races, getting everyone engaged and working as part of a team - and more importantly, raring to go on the phones to drive real results. If you’re looking for a job you can’t wait to get up and get to, Pareto is the place.

See Pareto in action: watch our Superhero cold calling day video below.




pareto socialWork Hard, Play Hard.

We believe that in our business, it’s about how you play both on and off the pitch. That’s why we enjoy a strong social aspect to our team, with regular social events, work drinks and our infamous launch ‘do every January. In an industry where building relationships is paramount and networking is essential, it helps to be a part of a company that isn’t afraid to let its hair down and join the party. Our strong team ethos sees individual teams regularly go out for meals and drinks, while the company as a whole enjoys quarterly organised socials, including our Xmas ‘do and launch parties, which last year saw all and everyone geared up in tux’s and posh gowns at Cheshire’s The Mere Hotel. The launch provides management with an opportunity to reflect upon the past year, recognising achievements at individual, team and company level: before taking to the bar and celebrating everything that makes Pareto great, and especially our people.

See the evidence: our own Marketing Director, Paul Drew (a.k.a., Dr. D.R.E.W!) whipped up this unique rendition for the 2014 Pareto launch to show his (continuing) love for the sales, to a standing ovation from the entire company. 

Paul Drew video

pareto mallorca

Get out what you put in.

Our people make our business. And in sales, we recognise that people are motivated by success: generating that meeting, finalising that deal, closing that sale. We know the value of recognising and rewarding success at every level. So at Pareto, you’ll find incentives and rewards that are second-to-none. From cash prizes and treats including Selfridges vouchers, meals out, early finishes and weekends away to a place on our twice-annual ‘sun trips’ to the likes of Tenerife, Mallorca and Dubai, you can’t beat the Pareto approach. Our Mercedes SLK is available to one lucky sales person each month and our latest incentive is a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Vegas. Like what you read? Well, if you’re willing to put the effort in, you’ll reap the rewards. What’s more, our rewards and incentives aren’t just those with monetary value: our strong ‘promote-from-within’ philosophy and innovative approach to learning and development ensures you are given constant support to push you to the top of your game, helping you become the very best you can be.



pareto football

Play the Game.

Team spirit goes further than just the office. At Pareto, we’re proud to boast our own football fanatics and rugby radicals who come together regularly to put their opponents - and each other! - to the test. In the north, our 5-a-side team participate in a weekly league, and are currently striving to climb to the top - though new talent will never go amiss. Down in the south our boys are regular competitors in friendlies and against clients, taking the concept of networking to a whole other level. Meanwhile our Pareto rugby boys took on one of our biggest clients (Virgin Media) in a “friendly” match - read the full match report here. However, the world of Pareto sport doesn’t stop there. We’ve got swimmers and hockey players, runners and cyclists, go-karters and cricketers, even a ballroom dancer and a skydiver. so if you’re a rising sportsman - or woman! - there’s a place for you here.


Making Money, Raising Money.

pareto charity

We’re proud to play our part in contributing to worthy causes, supporting charities that represent something to our business or employees. In 2013, we supported Marketing Development Executive Tom Gillespie in his bid to raise an impressive £5000 for the Donna Louise Children’s Hospice, a fantastic charity that relies entirely on public donations in order to continue offering support to families with children who have complex disabilities. Part of the process saw the entire office club together for our Superheroes day, raising an impressive £1,312.44 to add to Tom’s total - read more on our blog here. Historically we’ve also had members of our team take to pounding pavements, climbing mountains and abseiling cliff faces, all in the name of charity: with Pareto behind each individual, every step of the way.


Pareto People.

We value our staff. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So when it comes to recognising the feats of those who have made us market-leaders in our field, we don’t pull our punches. Our weekly wrap sees the entire team come together last thing on a Friday, with votes for the biggest ‘player’ who has performed well, brought in a great deal, recruited a number of grads or generally just been ace… and votes for the biggest ‘spoon’ who has, well, given cause for laughs in the office during the week. From hitting target two weeks before the end of the month and passing promotion exams, our players are the best of the best from each team across all our UK offices.Then there are our own personal favourites, those moments of sheer comedy that have tears of laughter streaming: and in particular, from Wilmslow’s resident office ‘blonde’ Jen, who has been reported as asking “can anybody be Pope?”, stating that ‘pasta grows from the ground”, “Torquay is in Japan” and trying to prospect MI5 as a potential client.

On top of our weekly recognition emails, we also have a ‘3 year club’ to celebrate the loyalty of our staff, taking the lucky team members out annually for an all-expenses paid evening of fun and frolicking. For the even luckier few, our 10 year club calls for special recognition and celebration: most recently, our own Sales Director Kate and Account Director Tash were presented with amazing gifts and a day dedicated to their successes within the business. You can read more about their celebration on our blog here

pareto people

Here at Pareto, we know how to work hard… and play hard. 

Want to find out more about what it means to be a part of Pareto? Why not read some of our staff timelines and follow the careers of our staff as they rise through the business. 


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