Sarah Skelton

Sarah Skelton

Regional Director

Meet Sarah Skelton, Regional Director for Pareto.


Before Pareto.

Sarah graduated from the University of Chester with a 2.1 in Drama and English. It was during her final year that Sarah realised she wanted to pursue a career in sales. Naturally competitive and with expensive tastes, Sarah liked the idea of a role that was target orientated and meant the harder she worked the more she would earn! After applying to Pareto and passing an assessment day less than a week later, Sarah joined the team in June 1999.

The Pareto Journey.

Sarah joined Pareto as a Trainee Account Manager at the company’s headquarters in Wilmslow. Her drive and natural talent for sales paved the way for rapid progression through the business, leading to promotion to Account Manager in 2000 and again to Senior Account Manager in 2001.

By 2002 Sarah held the title of Account Director, before relocating to the Pareto London office in 2003 to head up her own team. Her dedication and success have seen her successfully secure the title of ‘Sales Manager of the Year’ at Pareto’s annual conference in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009. Her hard work, tenacity and an inspirational attitude also landed her the prestigious title of ‘Sales Manager of the Year 2007’ at the British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards. In 2008 Sarah was promoted again to Southern Sales Director and over the following few years grew the London office and subsequent revenue by over 300%.

Sarah gave birth to her daughter Jasmine in January 2013 and has since returned to Pareto as a Regional Director on 3 days a week, allowing a balance between home life and work.


Outside of work Sarah enjoys spending time with her daughter who she jokes has a busier social life than her! Working 3 days a week allows Sarah quality time with Jasmine who is already attending weekly Gymboree, music, painting and swimming classes - and she’s not even 1 yet! Sarah also loves eating out and her weekends are usually spent dining in one of central London’s many restaurants followed by a family walk through Kensington Gardens & Hyde Park.