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Each candidate benefits from 128 hours of assessment, development and training compared to just 1.5 hours with a standard recruitment agency.

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1.5 Hours

Harvey Smith, 
Regional Sales Director at Hitachi Data Systems


"The Pareto Insourcing service provided us with the perfect solution for our sales needs. The results completely surpassed our expectations.”

Sales Outsourcing

As part of our commitment and passion for all things sales-related, we've devised an alternative to traditional recruitment models through our outsourcing solutions. These models will not only combat empty territories and mismanaged accounts in your business, but will tackle any financial constraints you may have when it comes to committing to a long-term recruit. 

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Based on our headcount, we can supply you with top-salespeople who will start achieving results straight away, saving you the concern surrounding additional fixed overheads and added risks. These will be contracted to your business for as long as you require them, offering an immediate, hassle-free and business orientated answer.

Our outsourced salespeople will learn all about your business whilst being located within your office, learning the knowledge they need to excel in your business and market.

Whilst many are deterred from outsourcing their sales team and risking working with unskilled workers, at Pareto we reduce the risk rate. Possessing the core competencies it takes to succeed, we’ll only supply you with fully-trained sales people, those that are hand-picked, trained, and assessed by us. Whether you need outsourcing solutions to fill telemarketing or senior sales roles, we’ll find those that fit all of your required specifications, and monitor their progress within your business.

To ensure maximum convenience for you we’ll manage every aspect of your outsourced sales staff, including HR matters, assessment process, hiring, payroll and expense management risks.  

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276k graduate sales job applications per year

20 graduate assessment centres ran every month

Worldwide recruitment in Europe, Asia and Middle East

2000 telephone interviews conducted every day

Sales as a Service

Within our vast range of modern-outsourcing solutions, we offer the flexible and non-committal answer to improving your sales results; our Sales as a Service Model.

This fresh and modern concept brings outsourced sales solutions into your business, alternating the traditional outsourcing model by allowing these recruits to be centrally managed. Through this delivery model you can take control of picking your sales people, whilst we employ, pay and train them. You’re then free to manage your latest sales staff, giving you the flexibility to end their contract at any given time.

Not only will our Saas model put you back in control of your sales without adding to your headcount, but it really gives you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’. During their initial hiring our Saas candidates can really begin to understand your business and the way you operate, expanding their knowledge as their role grows and develops as part of your team.

The Facts:

  • Candidates are issued 15 days worth of free sales training
  • 12 month free replacement is issued for every candidate
  • Client contract length is a minimum of 4 months
  • Saas offers pay as you see results with no upfront costs, reducing the risk for you.
  • Cost is spread evenly over 12months.

By entrusting us to provide you with the most promising graduates, our Saas model again reduces the risks and costs by outsourcing assessment through traditional recruitment means.

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Outsourcing Graduate Programmes

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On The Bench: Bring in the Sales Reserves

Sales Directors are fed up having empty territories, a base of accounts that are not being managed and left vulnerable to the competition, and ultimately a target that is unachievable as the quota is not being carried by a sufficient number of sales people.


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