Rapid Deployment v. Long Term Sales Funnel

Delivering sales talent on any timescale. 


Do you need to bring in sales talent at short notice, perhaps responding to a new opportunity or looking for rapid growth? Or are you looking to establish a long term drip feed of sales talent to impact your sales funnel? No matter what your needs, we will find the right solution for you.

Sales recruitment solutions with YOU in mind

When it comes to sales, we look at the process differently. No single recruitment process can exactly match every organisation’s unique marketplace or needs: that’s why we take a solution-based approach to identifying and responding to your sales recruitment challenges. You will be assigned your own Account Manager, who will work closely with key decision makers within your business to devise a recruitment strategy that meets your needs, at every stage.

Long term sales funnel v rapid deployment of sales talent

Our unique approach to sales recruitment means we are consistently building a pool of fully assessed sales candidates, identifying that top 20% with the potential to become future sales leaders within your business. As a result, we can offer rapid deployment of the very best sales talent, delivering results in as little as 3 weeks. Alternatively, we will work in partnership with your business to establish a long-term recruitment strategy, growing your sales team organically over time. Whatever your vision, we can deliver.

The Pareto Effect means you get the very best sales talent, exactly where and when you need them. No matter what your needs.

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