Specialised Sales Solutions

Looking for a German speaker in Coventry? Need a mechanical engineering graduate in Aberdeen?


A specialised business needs a specialised sales person. Here at Pareto, we have extensive experience working across all verticals and industries, finding candidates who match a range of specific requirements to ensure they have the skills, experience or knowledge required to become market-leading sales people in their industry.

We take the time to understand the specific challenges presented by your market, product and business, identifying the tailored skill set required to match those needs. Since 1995 we have built a solid portfolio of experience, recruiting candidates based upon graduate subject, industry experience, language requirements, location and re-location needs and many, many more.

So whether you’re looking for a graduate with European languages or an executive-level candidate with experience in the oil industry, we can deliver the right sales person for you.

Talk to us today, and discover how the Pareto Effect could deliver the right sales person for you.