The Pareto Effect


The Pareto Effect is an experience like no other. When hiring from us The Pareto Effect is the knowledge that you’ve got a sales superstar.

The Pareto Effect is tangible. It is very real. It can have a remarkable, measurable effect upon your business.

Watch the Pareto Effect to see how we recruit the best sales candidates

Watch the Pareto Effect to see how we recruit the best sales candidates

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Graduate Recruitment

We know a really good sales graduate when we see one. However, just to be sure, we invite them along to one of our assessment centres. Or, if you’re recruiting a number of candidates, we can do a bespoke assessment day, tailored to your business. Our specialised Graduate team will run the day at one of our assessment centres, or we can do the assessment in your office if it’s more convenient.

On the day of an assessment, under the intense scrutiny of our own in-house consultants, delegates are put through their paces and need to prove their sales acumen. From which we’ll recommend the very best. Then, upon appointment, we welcome them back to do a five-day residential sales course. The following week they turn up in your reception pre-trained in the fundamentals. With further courses to follow as their role develops.

So, in the early stages, the Pareto Effect means hitting the ground running.


Executive Recruitment

When it comes to executive-level sales talent, it becomes even more crucial that you find the right fit. The pool may be smaller but the risks are higher and the consequences greater. Our edge is that we’re sales people, not a traditional sales recruitment company. So we know exactly what questions to ask in order to articulate the description of the successful candidate. And when we find our initial selection we know precisely how to assess their sales worth and leadership potential.

Having so much experience helping find people at the exciting beginning of their sales careers and having gone on to train them further, it’s often the case that we know the executive you’re looking for. If not, we will find them.

At times like this, the Pareto Effect is the advantage that comes from finding senior professionals at the top of their game.


Sourcing Sales Superstars for the Future of UK Business

When it comes to sourcing Britain’s very best talent, Simon Cowell is setting out to leave no stone unturned in his legendary quest to find The One. Yet when it comes to sourcing sales superstars for the future of UK business, too many are putting up a £100K+ investment based on nothing more than a few one-hour chats. Is it time the sales industry took a leaf out of the talent show book, and looked to take the sales recruitment process to the next level? How could a multi-stage assessment and funnelling process identify true sales talent to protect your investment and deliver tangible return in the long run? Download our whitepaper 'Britains got Sales Talent'

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