Why We Are Different

Taking a unique approach to bringing you the top 20% who will make 80% of the difference.


Our sales recruitment process starts with you. We take the time to build a real understanding of your business culture and sales needs, looking at what makes you unique. Then, we fully assess all prospective candidates, benchmarking their sales acumen against your specific requirements.

Unlike standard sales recruitment agencies, we go beyond the CV to look at the real competencies and potential of each and every sales candidate. We handpick 2 or 3 graduates or sales executives for every sales job in your organisation, supporting them from assessment through to interview, placement and beyond. 

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Real return on investment

We don’t just hand over your sales people and walk away. If you’re recruiting graduates, we provide up to 15 days of training and development over the first 12-18months of their role to ensure sales success. We invest an average of 95.5 hours into each graduate candidate, compared to just 1.5 hours with a standard sales recruitment agency. We even take professionalisation of sales a step further, offering ISMM-recognised sales qualifications and accreditation to take your sales people to the top of their game.

Dom MD at Peer 1 talks about why Pareto are so different.

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Sales solutions to match your business needs

We strive to deliver complete sales solutions, no matter what your business needs. That’s why we also offer Sales as a Service, our unique and flexible sales outsourcing model. We bring you the sales people you need, when you need them, while removing headcount and HR resource issues, putting you back in control of your sales team.

The Pareto Effect is tangible. It is very real. It can have a remarkable, measurable effect upon your business. And it is only available from the UK’s biggest and most successful sales, recruitment, training and enhancement company: the authority on sales, no less, since 1995. Pareto Law. 

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