Graduate Assessment

We know a really good sales graduate when we see one.

As the UK’s leading and most successful sales recruitment agency, we know what it takes to become a Pareto Law graduate. So when it comes to finding the right candidates for your sales jobs, we deliver. Every time.

Every applicant is placed through a pre-screening process, before our specialist Graduate Management team take each and every candidate through an initial telephone interview. We use a competency-based approach to graduate assessment, looking beyond their credentials and CV to determine the true sales acumen and potential of your future sales superstars, speaking to some 75,000 graduates annually.

Once candidates demonstrate the initial requirements we look for, we invite them along to one of our assessment days. Held in our purpose-built assessment centres around the UK or within your office if it’s more convenient, our assessment days utilise over two decades of experience to create a stringent assessment process that is second to none in the graduate market. We welcome 20,000 candidates every year.

Our in-house consultants use a variety of methods to assess each delegate against a list of core competencies that your sales people will require to be leaders in their field. We place every attendee in a variety of group and individual scenarios to push them to their limits and determine their capacity for future success.

Once we have the best graduates from our assessment process, we use your criteria and business culture to hand pick 2 or 3 for every position available in your organisation. We streamline the sales recruitment process, saving you time and resources, removing the burden of shuffling through a pile of CVs or interviewing candidates who appear good on paper, but can’t deliver the results. When you come to interview your prospective candidates, we provide them with telephone support and preparation to make sure they’re ready to deliver their very best on the day, giving you the insight you need to make the right choice.

Our multi-stage funnel graduate process will ensure you get the top 20% who will deliver 80% of the difference. No matter what your business needs. 

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