High Impact Presenting course overview

Who should attend?

The High Impact Presenting course is ideal way to learn a number of important presentation tips and techniques. The presentation skills training learnt on this course would be suited to those who are expected to deliver face-to-face presentations as part of their sales role. The presentation techniques taught on the course would be particularly useful for those demonstrating a lack of confidence, the inability to persuade effectively, those who are overly reliant upon PowerPoint or those lack the skills to deliver compelling presentations that ensure a tangible return.

Course reviews

  • Well worthwhile!! Will put you outside of your comfort zone in a controlled and supportive way. Very useful for growth and confidence in this area. (20-21 Jan 2016)

    5 /5 from Alex, Manchester

    Pareto give you a personal touch and take you on a journey that will exceed your expectations and improve your sales performance. (20-21 Jan 2016)

    5 /5 from Callum, Manchester

  • Friendly, knowledgable trainers and overall a beneficial experience. (1-2 Feb 2016)

    5 /5 from Ella, Manchester

    Eye opening, useful and engaging, I appreciate all the help I have been given. It was very valuable and didn't feel like learning at all.

    5 /5 from Jenny, Manchester

  • Such a worthwhile course. A truly unique opportunity for self-reflection and growth (11-12th May 2015)

    5 /5 from Mary, Manchester

    Fantastic course, giving you the confidence to deliver any presentation (23rd - 24th June 2014)

    4 /5 from Dave, Wilmslow

  • Brilliant course, helps to overcome very tricky matters relative to all attendees (22nd - 23rd May 2014)

    4 /5 from Steven, London

    Excellent course. The most useful course I’ve been on. Really brings you out of your comfort zone, in a good way (24th - 25th April 2014)

    4 /5 from Francesca, Wilmslow

  • Very engaging, perfect opportunity to self-reflect and out of our comfort zone. Great.(24th - 25th March 2014)

    1 /5 from Robin, London

    Great course, my favourite of all the ones that i have attended. Very effective and i have learnt some good skills that i can put into practice.

    5 /5 from Elliane Daragji, Chiswick

  • The content overall was excellent. Also the trainer was very supportive and helpful

    4 /5 from Daniel Mills, London

    This is the most practical course I have attended and will be extremely useful to me development within my current role.

    4 /5 from David Lindt, London

  • Extremely useful and informative. I left the course feeling much more confident.

    5 /5 from Catherine Warner, Wilmslow

    Great trainer, really enthusiastic and passionate.

    5 /5 from Tanya Kingston, Wilmslow

Key outcomes from the course

    By the end of this training course, your delegates will:
    • Implement proven structures and techniques to produce compelling presentations
    • Utilise all aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication to embed and maximise the core message
    • Deliver impacting and powerful presentations that ensure the audience is captured and retained, from start to finish
    • Be confident handling questions and interruptions
    • Increase conversions and revenue through the successful delivery of consistently impactful presentations

Training approach

High Impact Presenting (HIP) is delivered over the course of two days. It opens with individual presentations on behalf of all delegates, from which the trainer will gauge current competence and skill levels before delivering feedback. Workbook learning, trainer presentations and debates are then punctuated, alongside further presentations across the course of the two days. Each are then reviewed and fed back to delegates to ensure maximum presentation skills training.

Overall rating for this course

4 / 5. Overall course rating based on 14 reviews

Key areas addressed by this course

Modules covered

The key areas covered in the course are:

    • Importance of Beliefs: Emotive and powerful presenting
    • The Presenter State: Physiology and mastering your voice
    • Structuring Presentations: Capturing and maintaining attention
    • Refining and Fine-Tuning: Delivering truly compelling presentations
    • Presentation in Practice: Putting learning into action

Course testimonials

  • I have learned a great deal of skills I can implement with colleagues and clients. I think it will make a positive impact.

    5/5 from Jonathan, Medela UK

    The Pareto way of selling has seen our business grow by £1.4m. SSC are living proof that Pareto delivers.

    5/5 from Andy, SSC Laser Cutting

  • Delivered professionally, pace good, excellent interaction opportunity.

    5/5 from Colin, Aggregate Industries

    This training and these results have taught us how we can save AT LEAST half a day a week calling and spend that time selling… what a ROI!

    5/5 from Chris, DSV

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