Live Telephone Selling course overview

Who should attend?

The Live Telephone Selling training course is tailored to sales professionals at every level, and particularly those who engage in the practice of cold calling, and booking meetings over the telephone. We can offer excellent telesales training, whether it’s internal sales people, or those out in the field who are struggling to gain commitments; this course will outline the core components needed for effectively questioning, listening and objection handling, in order to gain commitments.

Course reviews

  • Pareto enabled me to structure my conversations better with prospects in accordance to handling gatekeepers and pitching a strong introduction. (7-8 Jan 2016)

    4 /5 from Aisling, Manchester

    Positive and bubbly trainer made it a fun learning experience. (7-8 Jan 2016)

    4 /5 from Lauren, Manchester

  • Quality of training was very good. Trainers experience was great to feed and learn from. (4-5 Jan 2016)

    5 /5 from Anthony, London

    I found this course so fantastic, I feel that my career is unstoppable.

    5 /5 from Nicholas, Manchester

  • A very positive experience, gave a greater understanding of my own attitude. (10-11th June 2015)

    4 /5 from Joseph, Manchester

    Really like Matt’s style. Direct, knowledgeable and always relevant. Many small tips on how to overcome issues to get the most out of your calls. (March 5th 2013)

    4 /5 from Jon Harrison, Wilmslow

  • Jay is a massive asset to Pareto and is very enthusiastic, bubbly and her drive and determination for cold calling rubbed off on us. (March 4th 2013)

    5 /5 from Lyndsey Robertson, London

    Mike was a super trainer and displayed a lot of energy over the two days. Always keen to ensure that everyone is happy and keeping up. (April 17th-18th 2013)

    5 /5 from Craig Brackett, Wilmslow

  • The course was a great experience, because I now feel like I handle cold calls at work as well as handling any other incoming calls. (April 17th-18th 2013)

    4 /5 from Gilbert De Vogel, Wilmslow

    I feel the course has exceeded all of my expectations. The beliefs and structure particularly boosted my confidence and competence in my role. (March 27th-28th 2013)

    5 /5 from Ross Drynan, wilmslow

Key outcomes from the course

    By the end of this training course, your delegates will:
    • Produce improved revenue from telephone based selling
    • Adopt empowering attitudes, behaviours and skills to identify and overcome negative emotions when selling
    • Break comfort zones and demonstrate increased motivation and drive
    • Use effective techniques to get beyond the gatekeeper
    • Design a powerful call structure to suit any type of call, grabbing the attention of decision makers
    • Successfully deal with objections, professionally and efficiently
    • Set strong call objectives and gain commitment to the next stage

Training approach

Each delegate will enjoy a highly engaging and interactive training approach. The telesales and call centre training offered here will combe workbook learning with discussion and debate, role playing and Pareto’s very own LIVE cold calling session. This final aspect will get every delegate on the phone to put their theory into practice.

Overall rating for this course

5 / 5. Overall course rating based on 10 reviews

Key areas addressed by this course

Modules covered

The key areas covered in the course are:

    • Personal Motivation: getting on the phone
    • Improved persuasive communication
    • Set up and the Gatekeeper: the early stages
    • Communication: getting the message across
    • Questioning: the power of asking the right things, at the right time
    • The Benefits: explaining what’s in it for the customer
    • Understanding hooks and events to increase reasons
    • Objection Handling: Overcoming hurdles
    • Summarising and Closing: The impact of the final words
    • The Voicemail: leaving the right message to gain call back

Course testimonials

  • I have learned a great deal of skills I can implement with colleagues and clients. I think it will make a positive impact.

    5/5 from Jonathan, Medela UK

    The Pareto way of selling has seen our business grow by £1.4m. SSC are living proof that Pareto delivers.

    5/5 from Andy, SSC Laser Cutting

  • Delivered professionally, pace good, excellent interaction opportunity.

    5/5 from Colin, Aggregate Industries

    This training and these results have taught us how we can save AT LEAST half a day a week calling and spend that time selling… what a ROI!

    5/5 from Chris, DSV

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