Course overview

Who should attend?

This course will empower delegates to take control of negotiation situations, whilst ensuring the results they engineer are of the greatest value to your business. Delegates are challenged to create high value solutions which both protect margin and build long-term relationships with their customers.

Course reviews

  • Great course, professionally delivered that resonated with me from start to finish. (7-8 March 2016)

    4 /5 from Michael, Manchester

    Great trainer with great real life knowledge. (7-8 March 2016)

    5 /5 from Oliver, Manchester

  • The course was very helpful, it taught me how to control certain situations and how to control the outcome. (15-16 Feb 2016)

    5 /5 from Devan, London

    The pace of the two days was really good. The personal experiences used gave a great insight. (15-16 Feb 2016)

    5 /5 from Kyle, Manchester

  • Another very useful and thoroughly enjoyable course (19th - 20th June 2014)

    4 /5 from Akin, London

    Negotiation is a vital life skill and I feel I benefited greatly from the course (19th - 20th May 2014)

    4 /5 from Dominic, London

  • Very positive experience especially role play as it gave me the chance to put skills into practice and get feedback from the trainer (20th - 21st February)

    4 /5 from Claire, London

    Enjoyable, relevant and useful. (5th - 6th August 2013)

    4 /5 from Stephen, Wilmslow

  • “Really helpful and useful course” (18th-19th February)

    5 /5 from Sabrina McNally, Wilmslow

    “The course was very informative and helped me identify how to use certain things to my advantage” (18th-19th February)

    5 /5 from Arron Instone, Wilmslow

  • “Fantastic trainer, great course content. Overall a worthwhile 2 days out of the business” (18th-19th February)

    5 /5 from Anthony Natar, Wilmslow

    “Good pace and anecdotal references giving context to theory on negotiation” (7th-8th March)

    4 /5 from Sam Rashleigh, Chiswick

  • “Very helpful and will certainly take away many points which I will use in my everyday job. Very good and knowledgeable trainer” (4th-5th April)

    4 /5 from Oliver Lowe, Chiswick

    “A great insight into real life negotiation” (4th-5th April)

    4 /5 from Carl Fletcher, Chiswick

Key outcomes from the course

    By the end of this training course, your delegates will:
    • Build & present 2 different proposed solutions for use during a negotiation
    • Lead a client to assess the variables within proposed options and identify where they see the most value
    • Ask questions to uncover the tangible value within your variables by using monetisation
    • Repackage a value proposal during a negotiation to best fit the client’s desires
    • Relay a cost vs. saving message to persuade your client to accept the proposed solution at listed price
    • Close a negotiation using ROI based conclusions
    • Prevent margin erosion through combating buyer’s tactics

Training approach

This course is an interactive programme enabling individuals to add more structure and strategy to the negotiation process, whether that be internal or external. This will combine presentation learning with group and individual exercises, team negotiation practice and role plays. Therefore providing the opportunity to demonstrate and practice all new selling and sales techniques, before transferring those new skills to the workplace.

Overall rating for this course

4 / 5. Overall course rating based on 15 reviews

Key areas addressed by this course

Modules covered

The key areas covered in the course are:

    • Ethical Negotiation: What does it mean to be an effective negotiator?
    • ETHICS: A tried and tested model for negotiation
    • Evaluating Position: Planning and preparing for successful negotiation
    • Taking Control: Influencing and exercising power over the process
    • Highlighting the Need: Questioning and identifying client needs
    • Interact and Trade: Maximising your concessions; minimising client concessions.
    • Compromise and Agree: The art of reaching agreement to move forward
    • Summarise and Confirm: Closing negotiation to ensure return

Course testimonials

  • I have learned a great deal of skills I can implement with colleagues and clients. I think it will make a positive impact.

    5/5 from Jonathan, Medela UK

    The Pareto way of selling has seen our business grow by £1.4m. SSC are living proof that Pareto delivers.

    5/5 from Andy, SSC Laser Cutting

  • Delivered professionally, pace good, excellent interaction opportunity.

    5/5 from Colin, Aggregate Industries

    This training and these results have taught us how we can save AT LEAST half a day a week calling and spend that time selling… what a ROI!

    5/5 from Chris, DSV

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