Sales Fundamentals course overview

Who should attend?

Sales Fundamentals is a robust foundation programme designed for anyone starting their first role in sales. Delegates learn the most successful and proven techniques empowering them with key skills necessary for an accelerated career in sales. The course is practical, challenging and fun, also providing a great platform for meeting other people new to sales.

Course reviews

  • Really enjoyed the week. It was a great introduction to selling after only starting 2 weeks ago. (18-22 Jan 2016)

    5 /5 from Jemima, Manchester

    Positive experience, very applicable to my role. Learnt a wide range of techniques for closing and booking meetings. (18-22 Jan 2016)

    5 /5 from Jack, Manchester

  • High quality, interactive training - developing confidence for people new to sales. (18-22 Jan 2016)

    5 /5 from Katherine, Manchester

    Very useful programme, fun and energetic. (18-22 Jan 2016)

    5 /5 from Zsofia, Manchester

  • Excellent course, expertly delivered and a true insight into the psychology of a successful salesman. (19th - 20th June 2014)

    5 /5 from James, Wilmslow

    It has really increased my knowledge and helped me on my way to become a sales superstar! (24th - 25th April)

    5 /5 from Myles, Wilmslow

  • A fabulous, exciting and enlightening course (29th - 20th May)

    4 /5 from Sophie, Wilmslow

    A fantastic way to enhance your own performance to achieve the goals you want (31st March - 4th April)

    5 /5 from Roy, Wilmslow

  • “I would like to thank Pareto for training me, it has been unbelievably helpful!” (19th - 20th June 2014)

    5 /5 from Roberta, Wilmslow

    “This was a highly active course with lots of information and fantastic advice” (19th - 20th June 2014)

    4 /5 from Fraser, Wilmslow

  • Excellent course, expertly delivered and a true insight into the psychology of a successful salesman. (19th - 20th June 2014)

    5 /5 from James, Wilmslow

    The course exceeded my expectations and everything in the programme has filled me with confidence to return to work and use my new skills. (22nd - 24th July 2013)

    5 /5 from David, Wilmslow

  • The course was fun, user-friendly and jam-packed of content helpful to my role as an account manager. (15th - 17th July 2013)

    4 /5 from Grace, Wilmslow

    The whole course was helpful and the modules/topics covered were related and useful for my development in sales. (22nd - 24th July 2013)

    5 /5 from Ashley, Wilmslow

  • Mike's enthusiasm shone all week and made it an engaging and beneficial experience. (22nd - 24th July 2013)

    5 /5 from Sian, Wilmslow

    Exceeded my expectations. At the start of the week i couldn't have imagined knowing the things that i do now. Looking forward to working with Pareto again in the future. (17th - 21st June 2013)

    5 /5 from Lee, Wilmslow

  • Mike Horrocks’ enthusiasm and passion really came across in the training course and made the training fun and enjoyable. I would recommend him and the course to anyone starting their career in sales. (8th-12th April 2013)

    4 /5 from Paul,

    The course was intense, but whole heartedly relevant to development great sales technique. (15th – 17th April)

    5 /5 from Rebecca,

  • The course genuinely exceeded my expectations and I’m a more confident person as well as a better sales person. (21st – 22nd March 2013)

    5 /5 from Adam,

    The course genuinely exceeded my expectations and I’m a more confident person as well as a better sales person. (21st – 22nd March 2013)

    5 /5 from Gabrielle,

  • The course was a very positive experience and allowed for me to make use of the information learnt in class. The teaching style was fantastic. (18th – 20th March 2013)

    4 /5 from Mandi,

    The knowledge and skills gained here will give me confidence for a future career in sales. (18th – 20th March 2013)

    5 /5 from Colin,

Key outcomes from the course

    By the end of this course, your candidates will:
    • Identify the attributes of what makes a successful seller today
    • Demonstrate the 9 steps of the buying process and identify how they can support a client’s progression through each stage
    • Identify how to effectively use a consultative sales approach to drive sales performance
    • Effectively and professionally get past gatekeepers
    • Demonstrate how to make a winning cold call
    • Handle objections confidently and professionally to improve levels of client commitment
    • Lead an effective meeting to achieve specific objectives

Training approach

The course is delivered over 5 days, on-site in our state of the art training facilities in Wilmslow. This course covers all critical elements of the sales process, from lead generation through to cold calling.

Overall rating for this course

5 / 5. Overall course rating based on 22 reviews

Key areas addressed by this course

Modules covered

The key areas covered in the course are:

    • Selling: What is selling?
    • Communication Skills: Getting the message across
    • Questioning and Listening: the power of asking the right things, at the right time
    • Qualification: From lead generation and beyond
    • Features and Advantages: explaining what’s in it for the customer
    • Booking a Meeting: Getting a foot in the door
    • Objection Handling: Overcoming hurdles
    • Closing: The importance of the end
    • Personality Profiling: Knowing your customer

Course testimonials

  • I have learned a great deal of skills I can implement with colleagues and clients. I think it will make a positive impact.

    5/5 from Jonathan, Medela UK

    The Pareto way of selling has seen our business grow by £1.4m. SSC are living proof that Pareto delivers.

    5/5 from Andy, SSC Laser Cutting

  • Delivered professionally, pace good, excellent interaction opportunity.

    5/5 from Colin, Aggregate Industries

    This training and these results have taught us how we can save AT LEAST half a day a week calling and spend that time selling… what a ROI!

    5/5 from Chris, DSV

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