Bespoke Sales Solutions

As the UK’s leading sales enhancement specialists, we understand the importance of sourcing a tailored sales solution that will match your market, industry and organisation.


Our market-leading bespoke sales solutions are designed to bring you innovative training and development programmes that will assess, benchmark, develop and accredit your current and future sales force.

Solutions with you in mind

Our bespoke sales solutions process starts with you. Our specialised team will work in partnership with key figures within your business to identify your needs and gain a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to become a market leader within your industry. We assess the current competence level or your sales force and find any skill gaps amongst your team members. We take the time to understand your business objectives and company vision, looking not only at where you are now, but also where you want to go. Then, we design bespoke and tailored sales solutions that will match your needs and help develop and maintain a healthy, successful sales culture across your business.

Supporting your vision

Every business is individual in its needs, requirements and objectives. Whether you are looking to generate new business, increase appointment conversions or ensure your sales force is maximising return from existing accounts, our bespoke sales solutions can provide the answer. Utilising a range of training and development methods, we bring your delegates the comprehensive range of selling skills they need to realise sales excellence. We tailor our approach to your product portfolio and industry, ensuring each and every individual within your team is equipped with tools to maximise their sales impact.

Benchmarking excellence

Two decades of experience working in the sales industry have shown us that sales training and development isn’t an event: it’s a process. So when it comes to implementing change within your business, we take a results-focused approach. We recognise the importance of establishing standards of excellence and assessing your sales force to those benchmarks, returning to your business to ensure our solutions are translating into the every day activities of your team. Or, we can go one step further to offer accreditation solutions, motivating and driving your sales people to deliver results.

Discover how our bespoke sales solutions could support you in transforming the future of your sales force: get the Pareto Effect today.

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