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Pareto's sales development solutions combine assessment, design and delivery of industry-leading training courses for over 13,000 delegates every year.

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The Pareto Effect: Experience industry-leading training and receive full accreditation

Are you looking for training courses that will keep guaranteeing results for the long-term?

We don’t just view sales training as a one-off event but a process of transformation, one that enables any sales professional to hone their skills in a variety of industry-related mediums.

Our courses cover the entire spectrum of communication, management, commercial, strategic and personal skills, and are continuously reviewed and adapted by our trainers according to industry demands.

Known as the ‘authoritative voice of selling’ this accreditation can assure you that you’re learning from a team of specialist sales consultants, with the best supporting materials and aids to really allow you to develop. Not only does our position in the industry mean that we adhere to exacting standards for best practice, but assures you that you’re going to see a positive change within your business.

It doesn’t matter whether you need to accredit a single salesperson or wish to certify your whole team, we have internal tailored qualifications that work in conjunction with your business, taking into account what you need your staff to improve upon.

Why Accreditation?

What is the real return accreditation can deliver for your business?

Implementing a professionalised approach to sales is proven to have a tangible, measurable impact upon:

  • Attraction and retention of the best sales talent
  • Credibility and measurability within your business
  • Achievement of best sales practice, to recognised standards
  • Your sales results: including revenue and lead generation, conversion rates and appointment making, at every level
  • Competition and progression rates
  • Company branding and positioning

Sales training done right can open up a whole host of business opportunities. Accredit your team with us today and we’ll provide that ROI that you need for a sustainable, and successful future. 

276k graduate sales job applications per year

20 graduate assessment centres ran every month

Worldwide recruitment in Europe, Asia and Middle East

2000 telephone interviews conducted every day

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Talent Development and Succession Planning

Engaged in a war for talent?


Retain to Gain

What can UK businesses do to protect and retain one of their most valuable assets in the competitive marketplace: their sales people?


Breeding Sales Champions

“If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail” – Mark Spitz (Olympic swimming champion,1972)


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