The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM)

Here at Pareto, we work in partnership with the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM) to deliver professionalised sales training and sales accreditation solutions.

As the worldwide representative body for salespeople and the UK’s only membership body recognised by the UK Government regulatory body Ofqual, the ISMM are recognised as the authoritative voice of selling.

As an ISMM recognised training centre, we adhere to exacting standards for best practice, offering a range of ISMM endorsed market-leading sales programmes and sales qualifications. Our commitment to developing sales talent and generating a high performance sales culture for all our clients is backed by an investment into upholding the highest possible standards of professionalism and integrity across our business.

Our continuing relationship with the ISMM ensures you get the results you are looking for, with formal recognition and expertise from a name you can trust.

Speak to us today and discover how the Pareto Effect could transform the future of your sales force.

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