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The Process

If you’re looking to invest in the future of your sales team, you can’t afford to cut corners. 

Our unique approach to sales training consists of a consolidated process, where we’ll follow a structured training lifecycle to guarantee maximum results for you for the long-term.

At every stage of the process we keep in mind our ethos and philosophy; maintaining our bid to create and maintain the top 20% of salespeople. 


Before we can implement change, we've got to understand your current level of performance. We’ll firstly carry out an assessment of your sales team and identify the key areas that need improving, after conducting an analysis of the individual and combined outputs of your sales team.

We’ll provide a full health check into every area of your team to benchmark performance, assessing what skill gaps need addressing, and then create the best training solution for your business.


After the assessment stage our experts will devise a training programme to tackle the aspects that need improving upon within your team. This is completed after a thorough analysis of your sales force has been carried out, and our sales professionals have observed where you strengths and weaknesses lie.

By gauging an insight into how your team works as a unit within your business function, we’ll get a feel for what key areas you need renovation in, and then find you the most appropriate course to improve your skills.

Our courses cover all subjects and levels of competencies:

If you want a different approach or require a more specific model for your business, our bespoke solutions are the right choice for you. Here we create contextualised programmes that can optimise the performance of your sales team, by tailoring our training structure according to your organisation.

By blending the content of our current courses and matching them to your team and the context of your daily business operations, we guarantee you’ll notice a transformation.


After devising the right training plan for you, we’ll deliver exactly what you need and more.

All of our on-site sales training and bespoke training solutions are highly interactive, designed to analyse exactly how your delegates sell or lead, and help them to adapt and improve performance.

Through a blend of training techniques such as e-learning, group and individual exercises, role plays and presentations, we cover all the training methods to help you and your team learn best.

Then we’ll test what they’ve learned, and make sure that our training impacts them in terms of booking more appointments, improving their conversion rates in meetings and increasing sales with both new business and existing accounts.  


To ensure that we’re made a positive impact to the way your team operates, we consistently focus on measuring the results from our training programmes.

We review where our training has taken you, and map out the next steps to ensure that you can utilise your new skills within your role. Because we know that world class sales teams aren’t created overnight, we’ll return to your business after a period of time to witness the progression from our training and evaluate where your team stands.

Our training evaluation will consider your future goals and the changes occurring within your market and industry.


As we look to follow a lifecycle process to maximise the results delivered by your team, this follow-up process for us is pivotal. By revisiting our teachings in your team, we can then identify any required next steps and look at how else we can help you to evolve.

To make sure our training initiatives are translating into the real-life sales processes in your business, we’ll discuss progress with managers and sellers, gaining an idea of the transformations within your team.

We’ll also carry out an observation of the KPIs, tangible targets hit, conversion rates and sales made, to determine whether our training has successfully translated into real results for your business. 

276k graduate sales job applications per year

20 graduate assessment centres ran every month

Worldwide recruitment in Europe, Asia and Middle East

2000 telephone interviews conducted every day

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