Following Up Sales Training

Sales transformation isn’t an event. It’s a process.


That’s why we follow up; to make sure our training initiatives are translating into the real-life sales processes in your business.

Our specialist training consultants will arrange to undertake an evaluative session once training has been implemented across your business. We sit down with managers and sellers, using both formal and informal methods to look at the real measures of success across your sales team.

We’ll look at hard indicators such as the attainment of KPIs and tangible targets hit, including conversion rates or the number of sales made. We’ll look at soft indicators such as the behavioural changes made to achieve those targets. Where needed, our training consultants will use live case studies and simulations, role plays, assessments and more to ensure we gain the best possible understanding of how your sales team is performing.

The Pareto Effect means looking at the real effect our training is having upon your business.

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