Caroline Howard

The Pareto training has provided me with relevant knowledge and expertise which can be applied to real life business scenarios.

After graduating with a degree in Law, Caroline was looking for career opportunities within London and decided to explore sales as an option.

Applying through Pareto, Caroline was invited to an Egress assessment day and was subsequently offered a position in September 2012. Caroline has progressed through the company to secure a role as Head of the Public Sector team.

Why did you choose sales as a career?

Having done Law at university, I did free work experience within a legal team at my local Police Force. Once I graduated, I had hoped for a job within that Police Force, however they put a recruitment freeze on for 3 years. I decided to look at career opportunities in London and having worked in sales positions prior to university, I felt all the sales roles suited me best. I applied for a role where I was subsequently invited to a Pareto assessment day.

How did you find your experience of the Pareto recruitment and training process?

It was the hottest day of the year, so as you can appreciate, the prospect of commuting into London to sit in an office for a whole day doing different sales assessments really didn’t appeal - but I was really glad I went along. The Pareto staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming and the whole day ran really smoothly. I was up against about 50 other graduates and on my assessment day, both the Director and Sales Manager of Egress were present. By the end of the day, I was successful in my selection by Pareto, and subsequently offered an
interview with Egress the following week.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge in the sales environment?

My biggest challenge in sales has to be taking the rough with the smooth; learning to find the best way to recover from bad news about a deal/opportunity and carry on.

What have you found to be the best part of your role?

I get to meet new people every day with my role at Egress. I also thrive on customer satisfaction, so when a project has run smoothly from start to finish and the customer is happy, I enjoy knowing that everyone has successfully delivered in their roles.

Is there any advice you’d offer to others considering a career in sales?

I would recommend the whole Pareto experience. I was fortunate enough to go to an assessment day which Egress was attending, so I got an understanding of the company and the Directors themselves. Additionally, as part of the whole Pareto experience, I was given the opportunity to attend sales workshops and develop my sales experience further. One of the most helpful sessions I attended was based around negotiation, which I had had very little experience of previously. As my role has evolved within Egress it has been great to have the relevant knowledge and expertise from the Pareto training, which I can use in real life business scenarios.

How has your career progressed?

I have been extremely fortunate in the fact that I joined Egress at the beginning of its recruitment expansion. This meant that I was expected to step up in my role and responsibilities a lot quicker than anticipated! I was promoted from Sales Executive within my first six months and subsequently become a Business Development Manager. Most recently I have just been given the role as Head of the Public Sector team, mentoring my colleagues and carrying out more managerial responsibilities.

How do you see your future developing?

I see a great future with Egress and hope that I will be able to grow my own team, which covers Blue Light and third sector companies (organisations that are neither public nor private sector, such as voluntary or community organisations). I hope to carry on developing business within the Enterprise space as our company and product portfolio continues to expand.

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