Matt Clarke

I felt the process was excellent. I went to the Wilmslow assessment day which challenged us as both individuals and as a group.

Matt Clarke graduated from Lancaster University with a degree in Criminology. After excelling through the Pareto recruitment process, he obtained a rewarding and lucrative sales position at Saica Ltd in 2011. Over the next three years with the company his role developed dramatically; he is seen as a member to watch and had training invested in his development. Matt tells us about his career journey and what you can expect from a rewarding sales role.

Why did you choose sales as a career?

“The honest answer is I wanted three things from my career: challenges, rewards based on my efforts and a job with variety.

After researching sales, I felt this job ticked all the boxes and it was clear that Pareto could give me the opportunity to showcase my skills with some of the most interesting companies out there. I had various offers through Pareto: computer companies, FMCG and, of course, SAICA.

Pareto opened doors for me to a career in sales. The development and growth SAICA offered was exceptional; with the prospect of travel, working in different business areas and reward for hard work. This made a career in sales very appealing.”

How did you find your experience of the Pareto recruitment and training process?

“I felt the process was excellent. I went to the Wilmslow assessment day which challenged us as both individuals and as a group with an array of tests. It encouraged competition and you were fully aware that they were using these techniques to see if you are Pareto’s top 20%. The training I have had subsequently from Pareto has improved my sales ability and has given me techniques I use regularly to achieve my goals.”

What has been the biggest challenge for you, working in the sales environment?

“It has been the development of relationships at all levels within my accounts. This is something I strive for now as the opportunity to better service the account and understand how you are going to make it more valuable or secure is reliant on you penetrating all levels of the business. People buy from people, so you need to sell yourself to everyone you come into contact with.”

What have you found to be the best part of your role?

“Making the sale! From the first new account I opened to the most recent, there is nothing better than knowing my hard work has led to a success for me and my company.”

Is there any advice you’d offer to others considering a career in sales?

“I think as long as you have a desire to succeed and can thrive under the pressure of your targets then sales is for you.”

How has your career progressed?

“I started nearly three years ago with SAICA and in that time I have worked in production, design, planning and sales. My role has changed dramatically with a great foundation from the roots of the business and plenty of variety along the way.

Starting in sales I have worked with a blank canvas and no ‘live’ accounts being forced to show drive to build something for myself. SAICA saw success and potential in me and I was rewarded for my efforts by being given larger, more significant accounts. I have helped develop market strategies and become more engaged in projects for marketing and innovation.”

How do you see your future developing?

“I am now a Key Accounts Manager and have recently been involved with European scale accounts. I am already receiving training and investment to allow me to reach my goals to run my own sales team and progress in sales management. The options are very open and my exposure is vast between the different areas of the business to allow me to map my own career.”

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