Matthew Lambert

I was really impressed by the range of opportunities Pareto were able to initially offer me.

Since finishing his business degree in 2000 at Brighton University, Matthew Lambert has created one of the most progressive careers Pareto is proud to have kicked-off. 

After being offered a job there and then at one of our assessment days, Matthew Lambert started a sales role with Telinet.

Matthew then went on to map out an amazingly progressive career for himself, which has seen him become sales director, managing director to eventually becoming his own boss; heading his company vmaack.

Here is an insight into the whirlwind success story of this graduate candidate-turned client.

What made you start a career in Sales?

“I wanted a career that offered great prospects so I came to the Pareto assessment day and was impressed by the information given and the roles available.  I was actually taken aside during the assessment day and offered a job there and then with Telinet.  I jumped at the opportunity because of the potential the role could offer me and I took full advantage of all the training offered. I enjoyed the consistency of targets and routines; the good instructions and space given to me helped me become responsible for my own goals and I was able to show my natural ambition.  The company saw this and I was able to show that I had what it took to progress through the company.”

How did you find the Pareto recruitment and training process?

“I was really impressed by the range of opportunities Pareto were able to initially offer me; they genuinely wanted to match me to the correct role. The assessment day was interesting and hands-on; so I could really show my natural skills.  The structure of the training, as well as the balance of learning basic sales skills and training, is what’s stuck with me throughout my career, and I continue to use this structure within my own teams.”

Tell us about your career progression:

“Once I was able to show my ambition within Telinet, I went from Account Manager to Sales Manager to Sales Director.  I definitely had the natural sales ability and passion for the environment, but the on-going training made sure I had the necessary skills to move upwards and I certainly enjoyed the rewards that came with each role. I was then headhunted by Gamma Telecom, who offered me a role running their subsidiary company - Uniworld.  This was a real eye-opener and gave me another set of skills I was able to take forward.  In 2009 I was approached by another Gamma partner and was appointed Managing Director of Nine Telecom at the age of 37.  I was able to bring my experience within the sales and marketing division into this new role and prove how it was essential to help run a successful business. 

In 2012 and having helped the business merge with our acquisitions, I showed initiative and approached Nine’s CEO with a new business idea and from there, I created vmaack.  I now focus on running this new tech start up and really enjoy being my own boss.  The progression I have achieved within the sales industry is impressive but not un-realistic: a career in sales offers unlimited possibilities and I am proud to say I am proof of that.”

During your time as a Sales director in various companies, you chose to hire Pareto graduates yourself. Why was this?

“I had been through the process myself so knew the quality of training and preparation the graduates go through.  I have always been impressed by the level of skills the candidates show and I know when I hire from Pareto my employees will have good core sales skills and impressive motivation for the role.  Pareto have always kept in contact with me and been proud of my achievements so I knew this would be the case for any staff I hired through them; it meant I had confidence in the graduates abilities and knew they would be continually kept up-to-date with the best training.”

What is it about Sales that stimulates you?

“No doubt there is the money factor- the potential to earn a lot is a big appeal, but it is also the possibility to define your own career.  You can have the possibility to work in international markets and even become entrepreneurial and start new ventures- you make your sales career your own. You are constantly stimulated because of the continual targets to hit, which keeps you busy and challenged. I particularly enjoy dealing with customers and being able to solve their problems with my knowledge of a product or service.  Above all the sales industry offers endless possibilities.”

What has been your biggest challenge?

“Becoming a Managing director was a different, unexpected challenge for me.  Although I found it extremely interesting to be seeing more areas of the business and was definitely a natural step in my career; I found that it was less focussed on sales than I imagined.  In all honesty being a sales manager is more ‘fun’ as you are dealing with customers face to face and hitting your targets- the part of the industry I am passionate about, but being a managing director you have to take a step back in order to allow others to deal with those detailed parts of the job and put your people/ management abilities first.  So having to step up from Sales Director to Managing Director was a challenge, but it was certainly rewarding and I was able to bring my experience from the sales and marketing roles with me into this role and prove how important it is to the success and running of a business.”

Is there any advice you’d offer to any graduates considering a career in sales?

“Go for it! It is an exciting and very rewarding industry where there are endless possibilities if you are prepared to work hard.  You definitely need to have the 3 E’s: Enthusiasm, Energy and Empathy. If you display these skills then you can have a rewarding future.”

What would you say to someone curious about the Pareto recruitment and training?

“I believe in the Pareto process; I use their training structure when I train colleagues myself- I learnt a lot.  They understand the industry and what it takes to succeed; they give you good core skills. I believe in the Pareto process because I’m proof that it works. I was hired and taught through Pareto and have gone on to hire from them myself; I highly recommend them.”

What does the future hold?

“I am currently focussing on this business venture at the moment; it is exciting and varied, and I am constantly kept busy.  Being your own boss does give you some freedom but it also means you take on sole responsibility of the business- so it takes a determined person to make it work! As mentioned, a career in sales has endless possibilities and I have seen many different doors opened to me because of the skills I have displayed, so it would be realistic to say I am entering the entrepreneurial stage in my career and I look forward to what ever is next!”

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