Peer 1

I’ve worked alongside Pareto Law for over 12 years and there’s a reason I always come back. It’s simple. Pareto Law: probably the best recruitment company in the world.


About Peer 1 Hosting

Peer 1 Hosting supplies a broad range of internet infrastructure solutions to businesses all over the world, backed by its rock solid and reliable FastFiber™ network.

By removing the complexities and challenges facing their clients, Peer 1 allows them to concentrate on building their businesses.

What We Did

We supplied Peer 1 with the graduate talent they needed to bolster their expanding sales team. The business is vibrant, fast paced and competitive, so these graduates needed to be extraordinary. Peer 1 were, first and foremost, looking for an enthusiastic attitude and an adaptable work ethic - over and above industry specific experience.

Peer 1’s Managing Director, Dominic Monkhouse, was a long-standing associate of Pareto and identified a common company culture. In essence, he was looking for the kind of candidate that would successfully land a job with us. Even if that meant adjusting plans to suit the person.

The Pareto Effect

Through our rigorous assessment process we have so far provided Peer 1 with eight successful graduates and 75% continue to rise through the ranks. The high retention rate shows the strong working relationship that has been created. Knowing what Peer 1 needs has become second nature.

This is particularly important to Peer 1, who is always striving to find the right people to invest in long-term. Working with Pareto has protected their investment and speeded up the recruitment process, saving time and money and cutting risk.

The relationship between Peer 1 and Pareto has continued as long as it has because we repeatedly and consistently supply top performing graduates. So there is no reason for Peer 1 to look elsewhere.

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