Pareto’s reputation is a testament to the service they provide. Their approach to recruitment was exactly what we were looking for.


About Rackspace

Rackspace is a global industry leader specialising in delivering Managed Hosting solutions. Providing organisations of all sizes with the servers, software, bandwidth and management they need to run a range of hosted applications, Rackspace are one of the largest companies in the web hosting market.

Rackspace is made unique by its “Fanatical Support™” approach which focuses solely on the customer, creating a whole new level of customer service.

What We Did

Rackspace met with Pareto in 2002 and were immediately impressed with our approach to hiring graduates based on their attitude rather than their experience. Training could then be given to ensure the same level of expertise across the board.

Rackspace was keen to hire individuals that could demonstrate a passion outside of the workplace, and that this enthusiasm would then be transferred into the sales office. From our range of graduates, Rackspace has hired a long course swimming champion, a first rate cornet player and an avid skier who flies to Switzerland at weekends to hit the slopes.

The Pareto Effect

After receiving the full training provided by Pareto, one graduate went on to earn £28,000 in commission in just one month – the most any member of the Rackspace sales team has ever made in the history of the company.

Since 2002, we have sourced and placed over one hundred graduates for Rackspace. All have received sales training from us to equip them with all the tools they need to excel and succeed in sales. 

“The training is excellent. The outcomes are fantastic with graduates quickly moving up into management positions. The Pareto system works exceptionally well, and adapts with us as we grow, and as our requirements change.”
- Clarissa Gent, New Business Sales Manager, Rackspace

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