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Redflag Alert

Established in 2003, Redflag Alert works with a wide range of organisations across many different sectors, providing effective services that help to build, protect and manage businesses. Through a tested combination of data intelligence and marketing tools, Redflag Alert allows businesses to operate with confidence, safe in the knowledge that confidential data is protected and important data intelligence is utilised. Redflag provides an effectual service that encourages growth and allows organisations to ‘do business better.’

What we did

Redflag Alert approached Pareto after one of our competitors could not deliver five graduates that met the person specification in required location that they were looking for. Redflag felt that we could offer them a wider range of potential candidates due to our multiple offices across the UK. We advertised the roles and invited representatives from Redflag to one of our generic assessment days held at the Pareto Wilmslow office.

Redflag was impressed by the quality of the graduates and felt that it was very clear that we had carefully vetted all of the candidates during the telephone interview. This meant that because all the boxes had been ticked at the beginning, the calibre of candidates invited to the assessment day was very high. We then invite clients to sit in and be part of the whole assessment day, giving them confidence that the candidates hired are the right fit for their company. The whole process took 2 months, from the first meeting through to final interviews. The graduates that were recruited through us exceeded Red Flag’s expectations and they are now planning to hire new graduates through Pareto every year.

The Pareto Effect

The quality of the graduates placed at Redflag Alert has exceeded the expectations of the client. They have made a great start and their inexperience within a sales environment is not apparent when compared to longer serving employees. The graduates placed have a high level of confidence and are the right fit for a sales environment. Redflag believes that because all five graduates have made rapid progress, they could secure senior level sales roles in just 12 months. Redflag also reported an improvement in sales skills after their graduates returned from a week of basic sales skills training, hosted by Pareto.

One Pareto graduate in particular has made a fantastic start in his career at Redflag by securing two deals worth £14.5K within the first week of being on the phone.

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