Samantha Lewis

I really enjoyed Pareto’s recruitment process and found it was always professional.

Upon graduating from the University of Reading with a joint honours degree in History and Italian, Samantha was eager to get on the career ladder in a role that suited her ambition and drive. After applying online, Samantha sailed through Pareto’s assessment process and received an offer to join the team at Tata Communications in the summer of 2013. Now a Senior Account Manager, Samantha looks back on her career in sales.

Why did you choose sales as a career?

“I love a challenge and am very competitive. Setting goals for myself and then working hard to achieve them has always motivated me and sales lends itself to this. I love knowing that when I put the hard work in I will always be rewarded by my company and applauded by my team.”

How did you find your experience of the Pareto recruitment and training process? 

“I really enjoyed Pareto’s recruitment process and found it was always professional. Right from the beginning my account manager made sure I knew what the process would involve, from the assessment day itself to the subsequent interviews. I was always prepared and encouraged by Pareto, especially later at the training days. The training itself has been invaluable to my career; it was well taught and interesting. I still refer back to the notes I made, today!”

What have you found to be the biggest challenge in the sales environment?

“For me, it has been learning to self-motivate – to do the work that I may not always be excited about. No one is going to force me to sit down, contact the client and push that sale but myself. At first, some days I’d think ‘I have nothing to do’, but now I have discovered that those are the days where I need to work the hardest to make sure I achieve my goals.”

What have you found to be the best part of your role?

“I love being able to follow an opportunity through from beginning to end. From the initial contact with the client, responding to a request and working with them to understand their needs, to the final handshake when it all comes together. It’s such a sense of accomplishment knowing that you’re a trusted advisor to that customer. 

“I’ve also really enjoyed working in a good team; it makes such a difference. I love going to work knowing that I’ll be surrounded by people who work so hard and are passionate about what they do. It can’t help but encourage you!”

Is there any advice you’d offer to others considering a career in sales? 

“Make sure you want to do it; it’s hard work. But, if you’re ambitious, want to earn good money and are willing to put in the effort – then it’s a fantastic opportunity.”

How has your career progressed?

“When I started the role, I was one of two graduates hired to sift through the smaller accounts – getting rid of the dross and identifying any that had potential. While it wasn’t the most exciting, it gave me the opportunity to get where I am today. I’m now responsible for six of my own accounts and have a target to work towards. As a Senior Account Manager, I’m left to my own devices; running my own client meetings, I have complete authority over my own work – it’s really exciting! 

“I’ve also had the opportunity to represent graduate talent at Tata Communications through my work as a Youth Ambassador and even get involved with several marketing campaigns to promote our new product. There’s such variety in my role, I’m always looking forward to my next challenge.”

How do you see your future developing?

“I can only hope that I will get to experience even more within Tata Communications. I can’t wait to find that one account that will elevate me to the next level and look forward to taking on even more responsibility. I’m eager to get to a managerial position within the next years – maybe even with a Pareto Graduate of my own!”

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