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2019: Mind the Grad Gap

The Class of 2019 is nearly here.

Over 360,000 graduates are soon to enter the job market. Thousands of businesses will be eager, as ever, to secure the very best talent. 

But are those businesses informed on what drives the next wave of British game-changers? 

In our 2017 'Mind the Grad Gap' survey we analysed 1000's of graduates and graduate employers, to explore the differences in their priorities and motivations. 

Since then the business landscape has changed, due to Brexit, the continued development of the gig economy, and the ever expanding tech sector. 

Find out how the employer and graduate class of 2019  has changed over the last 2 years, and make sure you are geared to hire the very best, and that you know how to make them fly.

Download our free whitepaper to learn more to make sure you get the cream of the 2019 crop.  Alternatively you can contact us on 0333 011 0721

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