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7 Under 27 Who Changed the Tech Industry

The tech market is moving at an uncontrollable pace, with our role in technology changing from day to day.

Leading the way into this brave new world of apps, AI and automation are young people. A generation that have grown up on, and around social media, witnessing the evolution of technology in the modern world, are now in the working world. But, what skills do they bring?

With support, mentoring and engagement, young people can revolutionise the way you use technology - but of course, we would say that in fact, we run a business around this very idea! That said, we have an unprecedented record of success, (check out our video below to see some of own industry leaders) and we can thank almost all of it to the power of potential.

So, how do you find, and more importantly cultivate potential? Currently, the IT Technical Sales Apprenticeship  is a brilliant way of supporting young people to build on their strong digital skills. In fact, we recently supported a business to hire a number of apprentices and not only have they achieved their KPIs, but they’ve been a profitable investment, with over 90% of their funding paid by the government.

Alternatively, our area of expertise is our graduate recruitment scheme. Our graduates receive unparalleled on the job training, so that they arrive, ready to drive profits.

Here are seven, under twenty-sevens, whose potential, allowed them to change the technology landscape.


Evan Spiegel - Snapchat - US


Evan Spiegel

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Having unsuccessfully pitched the concept of Snapchat; then titled Picaboo, to his Stanford classmates. Evan was unfazed, and so went on to release a prototype with help from fellow students within the year. As the popularity of the App took off, Spiegel took a break from his studies, a decision that has been vindicated by a company valuation of approximately $25 Billion. Since establishing Snap Inc as one of the true behemoths of the age of social media Spiegel has since returned to Stanford to finish his studies.


Blake Ross - Mozilla - US


blake ross

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Inspired by his mother’s frustrations with the user experience on Internet Explorer, Blake Ross developed Mozilla Firefox through open source coding, which within a year of release had amassed over 100 million downloads and as of August 2018 has approximately a 5% share of the Internet browser market.


Melissa Morris - Lantum - UK


Melissa Morris

(image source: LinkedIn )

Having worked as a strategist for the NHS Melissa took her knowledge of the inner workings of the healthcare system and set about trying to streamline the process for bringing in local GPs without having to go through agencies. Founded in 2011 and formerly known as Network Locum, Lantum offers a service through which Doctors and Nurses can connect directly with; and offer their services to, local GPs and hospitals. Since 2012 it has saved the NHS over £7.7 million and has enabled more than 4.2 million GP appointments.


Whitney Wolfe - Tinder/Bumble - US


Whitney Wolfe

(image source: LinkedIn )

You would think that starting one massively successful dating app is rare, starting two is unheralded. Whitney Wolfe, having Co-Founded the dating juggernaut Tinder with several others, left to forge her own path. Recognising the lack of a truly female-friendly presence in the world of dating apps, Wolfe founded Bumble, which has gone on to become the fourth most popular global dating app and was recently valued at more than $1 Billion.


Alex Loven - Net World Sports - UK


Alex Loven

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What initially began as one man buying a cricket bat from eBay for £60 followed by an inquisitive email to the supplier to find out how much it cost them to make, upon learning it cost £6 he ordered 10 and started selling them to his schoolmates at full price. This planted the seed of an idea for a sports goods retailing business that has transitioned from being run out of a 22-year-olds bedroom, to having 50,000sq feet of warehouse space and a monthly revenue of over £2 million. Founder Alex Loven was recently listed as the wealthiest UK entrepreneur under 30 by The Times with an estimated worth of £55 Million.


Jack Cator - HideMyAss! Privacy Software - UK


Jack Cator

(image source: LinkedIn )

What initially began as a proxy website in school that would allow him and his friends to bypass the school’s internet restrictions was acquired by AVG Technologies, one of the world’s largest antivirus software providers in 2014 for $40 Million. It has gone on to become one of the largest VPN providers in the market with over 10 million users and over 250,000 paying subscribers.


Herman Narula - Improbable Worlds - World Simulation - UK


Herman Narula

(image source: LinkedIn )

Indian-born British tech entrepreneur Herman Narula founded world building/simulation technology company Improbable in 2012 at 25 with fellow Cambridge Maths graduates. Having received $502 Million of investment in 2017, the company is now valued at over $1 Billion and has links with Samsung to the Ministry of Defense, all of whom recognise the potential for software that is able to accurately simulate an incredibly complex series of events and possibilities.


These young people are outstanding examples of how quickly success can be achieved in the world of tech with application and entrepreneurialism.

Every year at Pareto, we place thousands of young graduates into the tech industry and unleash their potential, on behalf of their employers, through our training programmes. Here are a few of our recent under 27's who are already making great strides in their own industries.

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