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7 Under 27 Who Changed the World of Business

Over the past twenty years', the business landscape has changed considerably.

With huge leaps in technology to the shift away from 'hard sales', it's safe to say that the business leaders of tomorrow are only just getting started. With support, mentoring and engagement, young people with entrepreneurial spirit can revolutionise your entire company.

Here at Pareto, we have an unprecedented record of success, (check out our video below to see some of own industry leaders) and we can attribute almost all of it to the power of potential.

We wanted to talk about seven people, who before the age of twenty-seven, shifted the way we think about business.


Solveiga Pakstaite - 22 - Mimica Touch

Solveiga Pakstaite

(image source: LinkedIn )

Using an ingenious system in which a food’s rate of decay is matched by a layer of silicone in the label. Mimica provides the customer with a tactile way of measuring the freshness of their food in an attempt to battle an endemic UK problem with premature food waste. Formed as part of her final project whilst studying Industrial Design at Brunel University, Solveiga has since won the MIT Review Inventor of the Year, the Sir James Dyson UK Award, and the Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award.

Mimica’s technology has now been picked up by Danish dairy company Arla for their products.


James Roberts - mOm Incubators 

James Roberts

(image source: ABC News )

Inspired by a documentary detailing how the crisis in Syria had led to a rapid spike in infant mortality rates via preventable causes; James Roberts created mOm, the only known low-cost compact solution that provides a controllable environment for newborns or babies in need of a hypothermic surrounding. James won the Sir James Dyson Global Prize for Innovation in 2014 for his pioneering incubators.


Christopher Gray - Scholly 

Christopher Gray

(image source: LinkedIn )

Using his own struggle with the US scholarship system as inspiration to make it easier for others than it was for himself and in an attempt to put to use an estimated $50 million in yearly unclaimed scholarships. Christopher Gray created Scholly as a platform for aspiring college students to apply for various schemes, all vetted in quality by the Scholly team and has received commendations from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Oprah Winfrey, and various other philanthropic enterprises. Gray’s concept received its ‘big break’ from the US show ‘Shark Tank’, in which he pitched the idea to a series of investors and received over $40,000 in funding, furthermore his website had been inundated with more than 80,000 requests from students just a few hours after airing.


Michelle Phan - Youtube Personality/Businesswoman

Michelle Phan

(image source: Tech in Asia )

The meteoric success of bloggers would’ve been difficult for anyone to predict 20 years ago, especially the level of success Michelle Phan has attained. To achieve a million subscribers through makeup tutorials is mightily impressive on its own, but to convert this influence into monthly makeup subscription service; Ipsy, recently valued at approximately $800 million, is incredible. Named in Forbes 30 under 30 in 2015, she has also released product lines on L’Oreal, was the official makeup artist for Lancome, and has received an Honorary Doctorate in Arts from the Ringling College of Art & Design.


Daniel Ek - Spotify

Daniel Ek

(image source: LinkedIn )

The Swedish CEO of Spotify with a background in engineering and IT, Daniel took his experience from working at file-sharing site uTorrent created streaming giant Spotify in 2008 at the age of 25. His motivation to do so came from a realisation that in the wake of yet another file sharing site being shut down (Napster, Limewire) a platform for music needed to be created that was better than file sharing but also rewarded the musicians themselves. Ek’s stake in Spotify was recently valued at approximately $1.6 Billion and the service has over 83 million paying subscribers.


Amber Venz Box - Reward Style/

Amber Venz Box

(image source: LinkedIn )

Amber Venz Box was one of the first people to truly monetise the impact and influence of bloggers before the meteoric rise of ‘the influencer’, with her website Reward Style, and then app, she has been able to turn her status as a fashion influencer into a commission based business model that passed $1 Billion in sales in 2016.


Douglas Lusted - Linkett

Douglas Lusted

(image source: LinkedIn )

These young people are outstanding examples of how quickly success can be achieved with application and entrepreneurialism.

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