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Apprenticeship Newsletters - March 2021

Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

Pareto was proud to participate in National Apprenticeship Week in February, celebrating and promoting all things apprenticeships. Alongside sharing success stories on some of our recent completions, we were also privileged to host a virtual panel discussion on the place Apprenticeships have to solve developing talent for the Tech sector.

We were grateful to have participation from several employers for the session (Simon Swan @ Hiring Hub / Maninder Randhawa & Joe Pemberton @ HPE / Andrew Erwich @ QA) as well as Grace Cowley-Ellis, current Pareto Apprentice on the IT Technical Sales programme with HPE.

The session was an interesting discussion on the current and future needs for this industry and the important role that apprenticeship programmes can play in both bringing talent into the sector and also upskilling/reskilling individuals for work. It was great to get insight from across the spectrum, including hearing the personal experience of an apprentice who has moved into the industry through an apprenticeship and their journey to date.

Definitely worth a listen to if you haven’t had the chance to hear it yet – available on playback via Spotify: 

 Listen Here

Pareto Apprenticeships - Matrix Accredited

Pareto were delighted to recently be assessed and awarded the Matrix Standard as a provider of apprenticeships for our learners and employers.

This external assessment is recognition of the work undertaken by Pareto around the entire process of Information, Advice and Guidance delivered to learners and employers throughout the entire process of delivering apprenticeship programmes, from positioning and qualifying through to the delivery and completion of the qualification.

Across several days, we were delighted to welcome an external assessor to audit and assess our practices and processes for working with learners and employers, including having conversations with some of these parties to understand their experience and engagement with Pareto.

The Matrix Standard is a recognition of the work undertaken to support individuals in their work, career, learning or life goals and is underpinned by the importance that is placed by our team on providing ongoing Information, Advance and Guidance (IAG) for all parties involved in the undertaking of any apprenticeship programme.

Build Back Budget

Rishi Sunak recently completed his 2nd full budget as Chancellor, outlining his financial plan for recovery from the economic impact of the pandemic and the roadmap for building back from the impact of Covid.

Whilst the future may still be uncertain, the government is continuing to show the value placed on apprenticeship qualifications to supporting skilling/reskilling/upskilling people for work.

As part of trying to address the concerns on unemployment (which recently rose to 5.1%) and the particular impact on young people and their employment prospects due to the pandemic, the government has extended the bonus incentive scheme to encourage employers to hire new starters onto apprenticeship programmes, with this now running until the end of September.

This extension means that any new hire from 1st April who is onboarded to an apprenticeship programme will mean a £3,000 bonus payment to the employer, paid in 2 instalments, to support the employer with the onboarding cost for the new hire.

It is hoped that this will encourage employers to invest in hiring through use of apprenticeship programmes to develop new talent into their workforces.

Employer of the Quarter 

Enterprise Flex-E-Rent


We are delighted this quarter to recognise Enterprise Flex-e-Rent for their partnership with Pareto on development of their people through the Team Leader Level 3 qualification.

The business has placed real importance on being able to offer ongoing development opportunities for existing members of their workforce to compliment career progression pathways within the business, utilising this course as one means of providing continual professional development to their teams.

As part of the global Enterprise Rent-a-Car business, Enterprise Flex-e-Rent have a large number of locations across the UK and the programme has provided the opportunity to bring individuals from across these different locations together to partake in management development through this course. The business has demonstrated the importance of the programme through the alignment of progression steps against the undertaking and completion of the course, so as to ensure that the business and the delegates are fully readied and equipped for the responsibilities that they will have through and from completion of this qualification.

Following the positive feedback on the first cohort for this programme and the recent acquisition of SHB Hire by Enterprise, we are delighted to have recently begun the second cohort of Team Leader delegates from the business, whilst continuing to see individuals from the first group come through and achieve their final completion grades.

With Tom Macdonald and Louise Alexander-Brewer leading this initiative, supported by a large number of managers from across the different branches, we are delighted to see their commitment to apprenticeships and proud to partner with them.

“Pareto has provided high quality training to our people which has enhanced their skills and their ability to deliver great service to our customers. This has become a valuable partnership and we are pleased to be recognised as the Employer of the Quarter.” Tom Macdonald - Director of Enterprise Flex-e-Rent

Apprentice of the Quarter 

Our award winner for this edition is Stephanie Heaps from TalkTalk Business, who is currently in the process of working towards completion of her IT Technical Sales programme with us.

As a new hire into the business, Stephanie had the dual challenge of developing her knowledge on TalkTalk and their offering and building her professional selling skills and she has embraced the content and benefits of her training programme, with the support of her managers at TalkTalk, and the results speak for themselves!

Smashing some great numbers and results through the back of last year and into 2021, Stephanie has also been a great learner to work with, showing diligence and a willingness to learn and improve. Her Skills Coach, Jon Beagles, has been delighted with her attitude and we look forward to seeing where this gets her in her final result and ongoing career!

Well done Steph.