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Apprenticeship Newsletters - September 2021

International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day takes place on September 8 every year to raise awareness and concern for literacy problems that exist within our own local communities as well as globally. International Literacy Day was founded by proclamation of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO, in 1966 “to remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights.” International Literacy Day brings ownership of the challenges of illiteracy back home to local communities where literacy begins, one person at a time. International Literacy Day 2021 will focus on Literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, with a focus on the role of educators and changing teaching practices.

Why do we need International Literacy Day?

Over 775 million adults struggle with basic literacy and two-thirds of this figure are women. Celebrating International Literacy Day (ILD) is a brilliant way to raise awareness of the value of literacy and to encourage children and adults alike to develop their literacy skills.

This year, in particular, it’s even more important to discuss literacy, as thousands of schools were closed globally and many adult literacy courses and classes also had to be suspended during the COVID-19 crisis. It’s unclear what the impact of this year will have on literacy in the long term, but one thing is clear - it’s more important than ever to put the spotlight on literacy skills and encourage children and adults alike to develop them.

Five reasons literacy is important to everyone

1. Brain health

Studies show that giving the brain a daily workout reading, writing and working with numbers keeps brain cells healthy as we age, reducing the chances of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia later in life.

2. Community participation

The lack of literary skills limit social engagement at all age levels and prevents adults and children from being able to participate fully and contribute to the betterment of society.

3. Effective Communication 

Learning to read and write improves our ability to communicate effectively with others by enhancing oral language, allowing us to express our feelings, thoughts, and ideas with others more clearly. 

4. Employment Advancement 

Knowing how to read, write and work with numbers are critical skills for jobs with opportunities to advance up the social-economic ladder. Literacy breaks the cycle of poverty, one life at a time.

5. Knowledge is Power

Literacy is the key to personal empowerment and gives us personal dignity and self-worth.

Great British Clean September 17-26

The Great British Beach Clean is a week-long event, where hundreds of beach cleans take place up and down the UK. Litter data collected drives conservation work and also feeds into the International Coastal Clean-up (ICC). This year’s Great British Beach Clean will take place between Friday 17th – Sunday 26th September 2021. On every clean people are asked to run a litter survey: recording all the items of rubbish found in a 100m stretch. This data is used to campaign for change. There have been some great results – the plastic bag charge, banning microplastics in personal care products, better-wet wipe labelling, and supporting a tax on single-use plastic items.

But there is still so much to do to stop the litter plaguing our beaches.

• 425 litter items found per 100m of beach surveyed at last year’s Great British Beach Clean
• 30% of beach cleans last year found face masks and PPE
• 55% drop in plastic bags found on UK beaches since 5p charge introduced

But it’s not job done. We need to gather more and more data to wage war on other types of beach litter, and you can help. Want to run your own beach clean event? Find out how to become an organiser Make 2021 your year to save our seas.

To get involved this year find an event near you – events as a list or on a map.

Sign up for the event/s you’d like to attend and the beach clean organiser will be in touch. The Great British Beach Clean includes the Great Channel Islands Beach Clean and Great Northern Irish Beach Clean.

This is a great way to get outdoors, enjoy the beaches, get fresh air, spend time with family or friends and keep fit. Let’s all do out bit to help.

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