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Characteristics and Attributes of a Successful Salesperson

Though it’s possible to pick up successful sales techniques on a sales training course, the most successful salespeople will have some innate characteristics that make them better at selling. 

No matter where you’re pitching, whether it’s to investors or you’re selling products at a brick-and-mortar shop, how you come across is important. Though top salespeople may not consciously be aware of their personality, it can be useful to know the characteristics and attributes of a successful salesperson

It’s not guaranteed that these attributes make successful salespeople, but having an awareness of the ways you are presenting to potential customers can go a long way to improving your technique and increasing your chances of a successful sale. 

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Top Characteristics and Attributes of a Successful Salesperson

Broadly speaking, there are four personality types that salespeople fall into. Though you may not align directly with one of the four types, the most successful salespeople may have qualities that come from every one of the salespeople personality clusters.  

  • Amiable: patient and good listeners

  • Analytic: fact-driven and serious

  • Assertive (also known as the driver): competitive and goals-oriented

  • Expressive: creative and spontaneous

Salespeople who embody characteristics from each of these personality types will have the most chance of building relationships with customers, and should also be able to successfully change their style depending on the type of customer they are dealing with. 

If you don’t think you have the characteristics and attributes of a successful salesperson, don’t worry. They don’t guarantee that you’ll be able to close a sale, but they will make you more aware of how you behave with customers. 

Good Communication

Top salespeople should be able to build relationships with their customers – otherwise, they won’t know their pain points or how to persuade them to purchase. 

It’s also important that salespeople find emotional connections with their customers, and they will do this with stellar communication skills. People are more likely to buy based on feelings, and salespeople that can evoke strong feelings about a product will produce more sales.

Active Listening

As important as being able to communicate and explain the advantages of your product or service, is knowing when to be quiet and listen to your customer. One report found that the top salespeople have a talk-to-listen ratio of 43:57, meaning they’re actually listening more than they are selling

Successful salespeople won’t just remain silent until another chance comes up to sell, but will be aware of what their customer is saying and how they can respond to that – this is called active listening. Practice having focus while listening and responding with pertinent questions – this is one of the most important skills for top salespeople


If you don’t have passion for your product and company, you won’t be able to successfully sell to someone else. The top salespeople will understand their product or service inside-out, and preferably use it themselves, and customers will respond to this passion with trust in you and your company. 

Part of this quality will inevitably be confidence, the two go hand in hand. Salespeople should not only be passionate about their product or service but also have confidence in it and be able to communicate this with the customer. 

Willingness to Learn

The top salespeople may have confidence in their abilities, but they will also know when they can improve on their technique. Successful salespeople will be eager to improve and seek out ways to be better at their job, including sales training courses or reading updates about the industry. 

This entrepreneurial spirit of self-improvement will go a long way to making successful salespeople. If you’re not looking to grow as a salesperson, you won’t ever reach the height of success. 

Team Player

Top salespeople know it isn’t just about your own success, but the success of your entire sales team. For this reason, the most successful salespeople are willing to work with others as much as they enjoy solo sales calls. 

Being a team player is key to developing a successful sales strategy, where all members of the sales team are working towards the same goals and help each other to do that. You may also find that working with other members of your team enables you to grow and learn, and we know that salespeople go further when they can reflect on their strategy and improve on it. 

These are the characteristics and attributes of a successful salesperson, and embodying some of these qualities will help you become an even better seller.

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