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Hot Topics - July 2022


According to Wikipedia – “A plastic bag, poly bag, or pouch is a type of container made of thin, flexible, plastic film, nonwoven fabric, or plastic textile. Plastic bags are used for containing and transporting goods such as foods, produce, powders, ice, magazines, chemicals, and waste. It is a common form of packaging”.

“International Plastic Bag Free Day, celebrated on July 3, is a global initiative that aims to eliminate the use of plastic bags. Plastic bags may seem like a grocery shopping convenience, but they are also a huge strain on the environment. It can take up to 500 years for plastic bags to disintegrate, so they make up a large portion of what stays in our landfills and pollutes our waterways”.


JULY 2022

Bangladesh was the first country in the world to implement a ban on thin plastic bags in 2002. This was after it was discovered that plastic bags played a key role in blocking drainage systems during disastrous flooding. Other countries quickly followed their example, such as South Africa, Rwanda, China, Australia and Italy.


“International Plastic Bag Free Day looks for safer alternatives to demonstrate that a world without the use of so much plastic is possible. It is part of the Break Free from Plastic Movement, which began in September 2016, and has been joined by nearly 1,500 different organisations. The movement is looking for solutions to the plastic pollution crisis, to make the planet safer for humans, the environment and wildlife”.
Recycling about 450,000 plastic bags helps save about 11 barrels of oil.


Stop using plastic bags. The best way to celebrate is also the easiest to do. Wherever you find yourself on July 3rd, from the grocery store to the park, to a restaurant, don’t use any plastic bags. Reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Celebrate by recycling and upcycling. Even if you have some plastic bags lying around, don’t throw them away. You can use them as extra trash bags or an alternative to a lunchbox as just a few examples. Practice your green thumb. Use your day to give Mother Nature a helping hand (or thumb). It’s the perfect time to finally plant a new tree or plant some nice flowers. The planet and the wildlife around your house will thank you!

You can also turn those old grocery bags into a great dog leash. You just cut the bags into strips and then braid them together. You’ll need aluminum foil to cover your plastic bag braids while ironing them – this fuses them.

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4TH - 10TH JULY 2022

It’s finally time to cremate some food in the rain again and this year you don’t have to do so with social distance in mind. That’s right, National BBQ Week kicks off for the 26th time week commencing 4th – 10th July.

26th National BBQ Week – National BBQ Week – Over a quarter century of better BBQ!
If nothing else, you can use this to spotlight some of the health benefits of eating outdoors, with friends and families, such as: Interestingly, we aren’t even aware that we spend so much time indoors. According to the EPA report, Americans spend 90% of their day indoors, but they think it’s much less than that. Sadly, it’s true. It has a harmful impact on our health, because it destroys our circadian rhythm, and increases the chance of suffering from depression.

Circadian rhythm is an internal process that tells our body when to sleep and wake up. It repeats every day, but we have to spend some time outside for it to be successful because it’s synchronized with solar time. So as you can see, going out is crucial for our health.

Maybe you won’t change your lifestyle right away, because you don’t have time to go on hourly walks. But even little things make the difference. One of them is eating outside. It has a positive impact on your health. If you didn’t know about it, find out why it’s great for you! 

The fresh air
It’s no secret that fresh air has an incredible impact on our mood and health. There’s nothing better for your lungs and skin after a long day than a dinner outside. Don’t procrastinate and prepare your outdoor furniture right away. Try it once, and you’ll see that it’ll soon become your habit.

Relaxation value
After a day full of work, you deserve to relax a little bit. And honestly, your garden is the perfect place for it. There’s nothing more relaxing than being full, looking at your grass and sunset. Moments like that are so magical that you’ll surely remember them for the rest of your life.

Socialization aspect 
Most families eat indoors, and usually, they don’t do it together. Kids are playing computer games; they take their food and lock themselves in their rooms. Your partner most likely brings his or her dinner in front of the TV, and eats right there. It's so wrong, but unfortunately, that’s how it usually looks. But eating is an excellent opportunity for more socialization. Aside from family, you could also invite your friends and finally spend some time together. There’s also one more advantage of such an event - you eventually won’t have to worry about cleaning all the mess that your kids make during the dinner.

Sleep quality improvement
An undeniable and great benefit of eating outdoors is sleep quality improvement. One attribute of indoor spaces is stale air. Room airing is not enough. You should always spend as much time outside as possible. Outdoors eating improves the quality of sleep you get significantly. Don’t neglect the importance of this factor, because the better you sleep, the more effective you are. It affects not only how you work but all your life. 

Stress level reduction
Modern society is distressed. Research has proven that spending time outdoors has a positive impact on human health. It eases muscle tension. Another benefit is stress hormones decrease. The more time outside you’ll spend, the happier you’ll be. The study says that people eating outside are happier and more positive. So, if you want to experience more positive emotions in your life, make sure to eat outdoors at least once a week. 

Concentration improvement
Being outdoors improves your concentration and memory. If you notice that you often lose focus, it might be an indicator that you’re spending too little time in the fresh air. So, the next time you’re drowning in deadlines, and you want to sacrifice your lunch break - don’t do it! Instead, you should go outdoors, eat, and catch some fresh air. You’ll be surprised how positive impact it has on your work efficiency!