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How to attract and retain professionals post-pandemic

The pandemic disrupted the working world in a number of ways. It forced companies to operate on more of a flexible basis, while giving people the necessary time to reconsider their current jobs. With employees resigning from their jobs in droves, companies have been trying to hold onto their staff. Although, this might seem like an unmanageable issue, there are some simple steps that employers can implement to retain and even attract talented professionals in a post-pandemic world.

Offer hybrid working

One of the key developments from the pandemic was the necessity for office based employees to work from home. Although, we are seemingly beyond any type of restrictions in the UK, it isn’t necessarily a good idea for companies to revert straight back to the way things were before the pandemic.

Due to an improved capacity to better handle personal responsibilities, many people have become accustomed to having the option to work from home. Therefore, it’s important for employers to consider which of their roles can be completed from a home working environment.

The employees can be left to have a discussion with their appropriate manager to decide which days they’ll come into the office and which days they’ll be working from home. It’s wise for managers to try and ensure their team comes in on similar days for team unity purposes. The last thing you want is for a member of your team to make the effort to come into an empty office, when they could have simply worked from home.

Communicate with employees

As each of your team members is likely to have different needs, it’s important to conduct frequent discussions with each individual about their experience as an employee. These meetings are typically referred to as stay interviews and they often play a vital role in retaining staff. By having direct conversations with your employees, you can gain an understanding about what would entice them to leave the company and what it would take them to stay. It’s also an opportunity to talk through which projects are going well and which ones they are finding to be a challenge. Here, you can see if there’s a way you can support them, before discussing their goals and career trajectory.

Recognise employee achievements

Once you have a collection of goals put in place, it becomes a lot easier to measure success. When an employee reaches an impressive milestone or gets promoted, recognising their achievements works as a great morale booster. This can either be done in the public sphere through your company portal or in more of a one-to-one setting. Either way, it’s something that will vastly improve job satisfaction.

Provide training

The pandemic gave people a chance to reflect on how they can better develop their skillsets. By entertaining this thought process, your employees might be tempted to go in search of new opportunities to advance their careers.  

To stop your employees from leaving and to further attract new employees, it can be productive to provide personalised training programs. These can be in the form of a workshop, an online course and mentoring sessions. So, whether its upskilling current employees or putting new hires through training, providing development opportunities is a sure-fire way to attract and retain talented professionals. 

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