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How to bridge your company’s digital skills gap

With the way we work changing dramatically over the course of the last two years, it’s necessary to reflect on how working practices have been effected. While, working from home and flexible working patterns have come to the forefront, the increasing digital skills gap has remained an ever-present threat to companies.  

As technology continues to develop at a fast pace, employers are looking to fill the latest tech roles. However, there is a clear shortage of candidates with the relevant digital skills. With the high costs of traditional education, the ability to learn valuable digital skills is determined by socio-economic status. Therefore, people from underrepresented backgrounds tend to miss out on educational opportunities. As a result, the skills gap continues to grow, forcing companies to hire candidates from a depleted talent pool.

By closing the digital skills gap, companies can add long-term value to their business, while also driving inclusion and diversity in the workplace. A sustained level of investment is needed for the skills gap to be closed. As the number of people acquiring digital skills increases, more tech talent will be generated, something that is vital for the recovery of the global economy and long-term economic growth.

Fortunately, here at Pareto, we have over 25 years of experience in developing the best change, transformation and technology graduate talent. From the thousands of applications we receive a month, we choose the brightest and most capable individuals with the in-demand tech skills. Our process of hiring and training talent is far more cost-effective than traditional resourcing models. Once trained, our people operate on a flexible working model to suit business and project needs. There is also the option for them to transition into your permanent workforce with no additional fees.

We provide the fast delivery of talented individuals, to support companies in the future proofing of their businesses. By helping companies with their change and transformation projects, we are building the future business leaders.  

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