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I'm a poet, don't you know it #nationalpoetryday2015

Poetry itself is a vital language. It is an ancient art which was borne from the most primitive of people and cultivated by the most civilised. Throughout centuries and across countries, tomes of prose and verse have been written and recited by the most eager of subjects. Lyrical words have seeped from quill to pen to keyboard, maintaining their importance in the world of art.

The importance of poetry is in its ability to nourish the soul, relying on the writer’s feelings, history and perceptions whilst awakening the same notions within the reader. Poetry offers each of us something unique; a personal experience within each separate nuance of language, it is an art form that without, we find ourselves spiritually impoverished… Poetry as a whole is concerned with all kinds of experience – beautiful + ugly, common + strange, noble + ignoble, actual + imaginary…

Ok, I’ve prattled on and I’ve said my bit; I’m obviously a big poetry fan so this day is one that I welcome with open and excited arms.

So what’s the idea?

National Poetry Day is a British campaign to promote poetry and public performances. National Poetry Day was founded in 1994 by William Sieghart, taking place annually in the UK and Ireland on the first or second Thursday of October. The Radio Times acknowledges the day as one which was “created to prove that poetry has a place in everyone’s life. From children chanting to advertising jingles and pop songs, it is used to entertain and communicate across the nation.”

The Forward Arts Foundation who host and promote the day has outlined their purpose:

  • to identify and encourage talent
  • to inspire a love of poetry in people of all ages and circumstances
  • to support poets at all stages of their careers
  • to encourage collaboration with performers, musicians, artists, film-makers and social innovators

With bullet point two in mind, here is a compilation of Pareto favourites for your enjoyment and appreciation:


What are you doing to celebrate #nationalpoetryday and what is your favourite poem?

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