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Learning at Work Week 2022

With Learning at Work Week taking place from 16th to 22nd May, it’s important to take the time to consider how we can continue to enhance our learning and development methods. Although, this campaign emphasises one week each year, providing employees with opportunities to continue learning within the workplace is something you should be striving towards all year round. In fact, by encouraging a growth mind-set among your employees, you are far more likely to see vast improvements in their skills and therefore, performance.      

The national theme for this year’s Learning at Work Week is Learning Uncovered. Essentially, the aim is to promote the benefits of lifelong learning, while helping them to uncover their own learning potential. To ensure a positive impact across the entire company, it’s important to remain inclusive in your approach. By being considerate of different learning styles, you can help to get the best out of your employees.  

How Pareto can help

For everyone here at Pareto, learning isn’t something we limit to one week of the year. In fact, it’s a major part of what we do. Like many others, this week allows us to highlight the importance of encouraging people to learn, develop and thrive in the workplace. 

Here at Pareto, we offer a number of apprenticeships that do just that. They consist of Team Leader, IT Technical Sales, Sales Executive, Operational Manager and the newly released, Support Technician. Each course ranges from Level 3 to 5 and provides learners with an opportunity to upskill in their preferred area. With 80 percent of the learning carried out on the job, these qualifications are designed with productivity in mind. 

In addition to the wide variety of apprenticeships we offer, we deliver a number of sales training courses. With a mixture of face to face and online training courses, learners can develop selling skills in different environments.

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