Pareto Goes Bonkers for Bake Off

Bake Off fever hit Pareto last week as the Chiswick office took to the phones in their latest cold calling extravaganza.

Left reeling with melancholy as the Great British Bake Off retired its soggy bottoms for another year, Pareto’s southern sales team stepped up to the plate for one final celebration. The day was organised by Pareto’s very own ‘Paul Hollywood’, Marketing Development Executive Tom Gillespie, and promised Bake Off trivia, home-made cooking and a pipeline of successful appointments in the diary.

Divided up into their respective offices, the sales team prepared for a day of high energy and equally high activity. Tom ‘Paul Hollywood’ Gillespie outlined the agenda and spurred on the wannabee bakers with an array of tantalising games. High performance was to be rewarded with tasty treats; there was everything to play for! 

The South’s Paretoees arrived at the office in an eclectic mix of novelty aprons ready for a messy day! From 1950s classics to unseasonal Santa specials and even an Only Fools and Horses tribute, it was a catwalk Mary Berry would be proud of. Though none quite topped Reece Jordan and Kirsty Dever’s attempts, who both turned up in matching Naked Chef ensembles.

Starting the day off on a high, the teams gathered around for a quick fire ‘all-things-baking’ quiz, led by Tom G. Somewhat surprisingly, the sales people demonstrated excellent knowledge and had clearly been taking in the wise words of Mary and Paul in the preceding weeks. Business Development Manager, Stephen Bainbridge, got the ball rolling with his detailed description about the origin of a Baked Alaska – while Team Brighton revealed a rather confused understanding about a Black Forest Gateau. All in all, the southern sales team’s patisserie knowledge was off the chart!

All fired up after such a competitive quiz, the first cold calling session got underway. Armed with prospective leads and the motivation to get the first appointment, the southern teams hit the phones. The first person to reach half of their target would be rewarded with a delicious, gluten-free cake: who could say no to that? It was Brighton’s Business Development Executive Laura Bailey who bagged the coveted prize after racking up the most appointments before lunch.

bake off 2

Next up was the Taste Test Challenge. Surrounded in mystery, the game was set to assess the palette of some of Pareto’s best sellers. Tom G put on a high brow spread that boasted  a cold steak pie, a Wispa Gold and a packet of thai sweet chilli crisps: the classics, of course. It was Chiswick’s very own Account Manager Sarah Megginson who was victorious after correctly guessing the exact ingredients of a blackberry and apple smoothie.

The day was a roaring success, with most of the team securing those all important appointments for their pipelines. After proving their proficiency for the art of sales, it was time to test their baking skills. Equipped with recipes, the four teams made their way to Pareto’s Bake Off tent - also known as the staff kitchen - for the finale. Team Gabby was challenged to make a none flour based cake which, after a few failed attempts, turned into their own version of hot chocolate. Team Brighton tackled two chocolate mug cakes while Team Beaky took on the upside down golden syrup sponge. However, it was Team Sheeny’s delectable chocolate concoction that won the judges vote in their version of ‘Come Dine with Me’.

The day ended with a bang as Chiswick’s Account Manager Sophie Hill landed herself a Great British Bake Off cookbook, after being picked out of a hat – a trophy we’re sure will take pride of place on the mantle piece.

A big well done to everyone involved, and to our very own Paul Hollywood for organising another legendary Pareto cold calling day!

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Pareto Goes Bonkers for Bake Off

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