Senior sales talent in growing demand post-Brexit

While it was reported by the Financial Times this week that recruitment levels are returning to normal post-Brexit, businesses are still worried about finding senior sales talent.

The 400 recruitment companies surveyed reported that recruitment to permanent roles had returned to a normal rate following a dip around the referendum but that this had been most noticeable in the north and the midlands. It seems that some post-Brexit uncertainty, which is also lowering the amount of medium and long term business investments being made, is still having an impact on recruitment in London.

So while the number of available roles has recovered, which is a good indicator of business confidence, the problem now is supply rather than demand. The numbers of people emigrating from the UK are rising and EU immigration has naturally reduced due to the uncertainty for EU workers in the UK. Where this is having the biggest impact is London, whose workforce consists of 17% EU citizens of other countries, as opposed to a 7% average in the rest of the country.

The graph below shows (besides the enormous 08/09 crash!) that while both permanent and temporary placement numbers dipped following the referendum, temporary roles available recovered far more quickly as businesses were unsure about making the investment of taking on permanent staff.



Graduates can be recruited and trained to plug many of the gaps but experienced, senior level sales talent is harder to find and their skills now increasingly in demand to help businesses weather the trading storm. If you’re worried about your bottom line, your senior sales staff or MD are naturally the staff you’re going to work that little bit harder to keep. What businesses might expect is that the reduced supply of skilled talent means wage expenses for new recruits will grow and this is certainly what has been predicted. However, at Pareto we are not seeing this happen.

In our Executive Recruitment service, what we are seeing is a more cautious and passive candidate base who might need that little bit of extra encouragement to move into a new role. This is where using a good recruiter pays dividends; we’re highly experienced at sourcing and negotiating with candidates, absorbing that extra bit of effort that recruiting a senior sales professional is currently going to involve.

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Senior sales talent in growing demand post-Brexit

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