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The Apprenticeships Stepping in to Bridge the Digital Skills Gap

With the massive reforms being made to apprenticeships, dozens of new apprenticeship courses have been introduced. With the continued rapid advances being made in technology and the growth of the industry, a number of these are unlike any courses the world has seen before.



Having our own tech hybrid service (combining soft skills and technical knowledge) Pareto Tech these are the types of new apprenticeships we’re looking at with great interest. We’re already thrilled that the new apprenticeships have finally brought recognition to sales as a career through a Level 4 qualification which is set to launch this year. As around 70% of our clients are tech companies, we’re naturally interested in any other courses which would meet their needs.

While the digital skills gap has been a topic of conversation and concern for some time and particularly in light of Brexit, it’s usually the purely technical roles which get the most attention. What we’re more interested in as a soft skills recruiter and training provider, are the specialist skillsets required in other areas of the tech industry.

The first of these to pique our interest has naturally been IT Technical Sales level 3, a course devoted to the niche of technical sales rather than sales as a whole. We began enrolling learners on this course in Q4 of 2017 and it’s a natural choice for many of our clients. So what else is to come? We took a look at some of the other apprenticeships we could see emerge in the tech industry in the near future.


While the marketing of green energy solutions and virtual reality might seem miles apart, what unites all these new tech occupations are the soft skills required to interact with customers. While a Robot Interaction Specialist might seek to make robots interact with humans as effectively as possible, there’s so simply no replacement for traditional customer service and sales skills. The ability to read human behaviour, facial expressions, body language and tone is going to be almost impossible to teach to a robot, no matter how artificially intelligent it is.

While it might seem tech is taking over the work place, let’s not forget that many of us have sets of soft skills which will be completely inimitable.


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