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Top leadership qualities graduates should possess

This is especially true for those looking at entering the lucrative world of sales. As your career progresses and you make the move into management, being a great leader will boost your chances of success.

So what does it take for a graduate to make a great leader? Pareto assess many graduates every day and over our 20 years we have seen many candidates successfully pass through our process and go on to reach the top of the ladder – filling Sales Director and even Managing Director positions. We know what it takes to lead others.

1. Communication

This has to be number one! Having great ideas is one thing, but if you can’t effectively communicate with those who are going to carry out your vision then they’re pretty pointless. Being able to put across your ideas in a succinct and coherent manner will go a long way in making you a fantastic leader.

2. Confidence

If you don’t seem sure of yourself then why should others? Sometimes as the leader when things aren’t going so well you have to maintain confidence to keep up team morale. Having confidence in what you’re saying will help others have confidence in it too.

Graduate leadership - presenting

3. Ability to inspire

So you’re projecting your ideas in a confident manner that everyone can understand, but do people want to work for you? The trick to delegating effectively is to make others feel empowered and inspired, so that they are eager to go forth with your plans.

These are three of the most important qualities graduates must possess if they have a desire to progress and climb the career ladder.

What other qualities have you found most leaders possess? Let us know in the comments below.

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