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What Are the Characteristics of a Successful Sales Person?

When it comes to sales, there is a lot you can learn on a training course. However, some innate characteristics make more successful salespeople.

We’ve all had experience with a lousy salesperson. Pushy, overconfident, and annoying: these kinds of people will struggle to close deals. Sales should feel effortless for the customer, and having specific personality characteristics will make the sales experience easy for both you and your client.

In sales recruitment, the key to success is “hire for fit, then train for skill.” You can’t teach innate qualities like empathy, and finding salespeople with these qualities will make for a powerful sales team.

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Good Listeners

According to one report, 69% of customers say that listening to their needs is the most important part of a positive sales experience.

Though you might think that selling is all about persuasive talk, listening to your customers’ pain points is as valuable a skill as powerful sales patter. A salesperson who knows when to stay quiet is someone you want to be looking for during sales recruitment.

Listening is a crucial component of sales. How else will you respond to your client during a sales talk? If you’re too preoccupied with giving a sales pitch, you might miss any information your customer is trying to give you, for example, about their needs or pain points. Being a good listener will enable you to give all the right information to your customer, increasing your chance of a sale.


Building relationships is essential to being a successful salesperson, and you should be actively looking for communication skills as you start the sales recruitment process. If you can come across as personable and relatable in your sales pitch, you’re much more likely to forge connections that empower your clients. 

While it’s more difficult to have a successful sales conversation over email compared to a face-to-face conversation, a good communicator should be able to excel no matter what the format. If you can be clear, create a good rapport, and ask the right questions, you are more likely to succeed as a salesperson.


The first step to pitching to a potential buyer is to understand them thoroughly. A good salesperson will have natural empathy to successfully do this, allowing them to step into their customers’ shoes.

This quality might be difficult to look for during the sales recruitment process. Essentially, you should be looking for candidates who have an innate understanding of other people’s needs and consider a problem from all sides.


A good salesperson would be nothing without a touch of competitiveness. When conducting sales recruitment, you should be looking for people who know how to sell themselves and prove their worth. 

However, this doesn’t mean that a salesperson should be overly confident. Remember, it’s more about the customer than you. If you have a natural drive and determination and a desire to continually improve, then your competitive edge will prove valuable. 

Team Player

Don’t think that competitiveness is just about personal achievement - being a team player within sales is also crucial. If you can’t work with others, you’re unlikely to achieve all of your ambitious sales goals, and collective brainstorming of sales strategies will accomplish more than anyone can alone. 

When investing in your sales team, look for candidates who have a natural drive and prove that they work well with others. Even the best leaders must collaborate with others, and your team will be more adaptable and successful if they can work well together.   


Finally, companies would be nothing if it weren’t for passion. A love for the product or service you’re selling is an easy way to create trust in your customers and open up the possibility for repeat buying. 

Finding the right combination of passionate and skilled in the sales recruitment process might sound complicated. Essentially, you should be looking to hire sales talent who demonstrate a commitment to learning and developing their sales skills and who already have an interest in your product and service.

Finding people with these characteristics can be tricky. How do you go about attracting the best sales talent for your company?

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