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What is the average salary of a graduate in a sales role?

The salary mentioned on a job listing can quite often be one of the key factors that determines the likelihood of people submitting an application. Across the major cities in the UK, the average salary for graduate sales representatives is around £26,000. While, the salary for a graduate sales rep remains fairly consistent, the exact figure differs slightly depending on the city.    

Out of all the major cities, the highest average salary for graduate sales reps is just over £28,000. Unsurprisingly, this is the rate of salary that can be found in London. However, in comparison to other cities, the cost of living in London is considerably higher. The average lowers slightly in cities such as Bristol, Leeds and Newcastle, with salaries generally between £26,000 and £27,000. There’s another drop off for Birmingham and Manchester, as the average salary for a graduate sales job tends to range from £25,000 to £26,000.

It can often be tempting to choose a job solely based on the starting salary. However, there are other considerations that can make one graduate opportunity better than another. On top of basic salaries, many companies provide commission structures. It can also be beneficial to find a graduate role that offers training, on-the-job learning and mentoring and support from managers.

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