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What makes a good salesperson?

Good salespeople are integral for businesses that are looking to see growth and drive revenue. While, a good salesperson might mistakenly be attributed to be the loudest voice in the room, they actually possess a well-developed list of qualities. Many people that are successful in the world of sales actually share a lot of common character traits.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a natural born salesperson to be successful in the sales industry. In fact, you can work on most of the qualities listened below. By doing so, there’s no reason why you can’t develop into a high-performing salesperson.

A good listener

The necessary qualities of a salesperson tend to fall in line with someone who is extroverted and outgoing. However, the ability to actively listen to customers is a key communication technique that salespeople can often work on. This means that instead of passively listening to the other person, the salesperson can tune into their choice of words, tone and if the setting allows for it, body language.

By doing this, the salesperson will have a higher chance of building a rapport with the customer. As a result of trying to understand the needs of each customer and not just pushing to make the sale, the salesperson will come across as more authentic, helping to build a sense of trust between the two parties.


With the very nature of sales often requiring a high volume of customer interaction, there’s likely to be a fair amount of rejection involved. Although, nobody wants to fail, a good salesperson will be able to use their minor setbacks as motivation.

If a high-performing salesperson is going through a bit of a slump, they will have the care to reflect on where they are going wrong. This will allow them to slightly adjust their sales process and get back to their winning ways.


Generally, a good salesperson will always have confidence in their ability. If not, then they will at least make it seem like they do. Confidence is so crucial in the world of sales because clients need to get the sense that a salesperson knows their stuff. If you work in the sales industry and your voice trembles, or you sound unsure of yourself, then clients will have doubts over whether they can trust the service or product being offered to them.  


The importance of salespeople to be honest and transparent with clients cannot be understated. As word of mouth and referrals are integral to building momentum in the sales industry, it’s essential that a salesperson avoids getting a reputation for promising certain outcomes that they cannot deliver. By lying or even just holding back information from a client, a salesperson might becoming known for being untrustworthy. In the instance that they have encountered a situation where they have sacrificed their integrity to make a sale, a salesperson faces the prospect of losing the chance to secure future business with the client.  


On top of the other qualities that have been listed, salespeople need to be ambitious. This is the trait that separates the more effective salespeople from those who struggle to make an impact. This is because the best salespeople are extremely driven individuals who go above and beyond to be successful. 

Something that drives a good salesperson is their need to be the best. Whether they are attempting to outdo their colleagues and those from rival companies, or simply achieving their goals, high performing salespeople thrive off competition. Ultimately, this is the trait that will help a salesperson get to the top of their field and then stay there.   

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