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Who are Generation Z?

Much was made of Millennials and Generation X, but have you heard about the new kids on the block – Generation Z?

If they’re not already doing so, the first waves of this exciting and resourceful group will soon be knocking on your door, hungry to listen to your business vision and excel in their careers.

But how can you be certain you’re speaking their language? What language are they even speaking? And how important is it to tap into this uncharted new resource when it comes to future-proofing your business?


Key areas covered in this whitepaper are:

Section 1: Defining Gen Z.

Exploring this force to be reckoned with in greater detail, looking at their key skills and personality traits.

Section 2: What Gen Z want.

Are they motivated by the same things as previous generations? We’ve got the detail.

Section 3: Keeping up with Gen Z.

How to future-proof and strengthen your business through targeting the sweet spot: blended digital learning.

Section 4: Blended learning.

The business benefits of an integrated approach to on-the-job training.

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