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Why is diversity and inclusion so important and why do you need it in your business?

Monitoring diversity and inclusion is crucial for businesses. The UK Law requires that all businesses promote diversity in their workplaces as a way to increase equality. They measure how well your organisation is in attracting a diverse pool of people and understand whether greater diversity is needed. 

What does diversity and inclusion truly mean?

It is often assumed that diversity and inclusion have the same meaning. Yet, there are clear differences between these two words that must be understood so they can be used efficiently. 

Diversity refers to the makeup of people in your company ranging from race, gender, nationality, sexuality, and other factors that set one group apart from the other. 

Inclusion, on the other hand, refers to the measures in place which allow diversity to flourish. After employers open their doors to diverse groups of people, inclusion is what allows people to feel welcomed, heard and valued.

There are clear benefits for businesses and employees to be in a more diverse environment. Let’s have a look at these.

Greater performance

It has been found that greater diverse teams tend to outperform less diverse ones. This also relates to when dealing with projects. Diverse teams are found to be more community and support focused, decreasing levels of conflict and increasing success rates.

New perspectives and innovation

Diverse people come from different walks of life. This opens the door for fresh ideas, different perspectives and ways of working. Such teams are also best at understanding products and services for stakeholders both internally and externally, which increases productivity and efficiency.

Better decision making

As a result of fewer conflicts and better teamwork dynamics, diverse groups are found to make better decisions in teams. 

The reality is, building an inclusive and diverse team is not simple. This is something that many employers could relate to during the pandemic. According to the PMI report, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost 30% of companies put most or all diversity and inclusion initiatives on hold. This is a mistake that ultimately affects the productivity and the culture of your workspace. Greater efforts need to be made to create an inclusive environment. 

Ways in which Pareto can help your organisation be diverse and inclusive:

Pareto Innovate – our PMO talent solution

We are very familiar with the importance of diversity and inclusion at Pareto and have a system in place to ensure all our recruitment processes follow a strict diversity and inclusion policy. We also recognise that there is a skills shortage with people coming straight out of university. We are here to fund and train them within the PMO space. We provide businesses with fully assessed and trained diverse candidates who are ready and set to join your PMO as a fully certified Business Analyst or Project Manager. Each has obtained nine industry PMO certifications including Scrum, Prince 2, Agile, Change Management and BCS BA certifications.

How does this work?

Firstly, we receive over 35,000 graduate applications per month. Yet, during our selection process, we ensure to work with diverse people who show determination and passion to succeed. Once candidates have passed our assessments and training, Pareto Innovate provides you with a highly-skilled, practically trained, on-demand year-round contracted business analysts and project management resource. We are plugging huge skills and talent gaps in the UK, whilst funding a diverse group of graduates monthly through our programme. 

How can you get involved?

We are aware that since the pandemic, there has been an even greater need for Business Analysts and Project Managers with adequate qualifications, skills and experience. We also know that businesses are also struggling to find highly diverse candidates that will fit in their business. 

As the UK’s largest graduate assessment, placement and training provider we want to help you bridge the diversity and skills gap in your business. 

Attend our next Pareto Innovative Open Day on Wednesday 18th of August at noon to find out more about how Pareto Innovative can help your business.

The diversity and inclusion pathway has been shown to be highly successful. Are you ready to start this journey?

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