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Will a 2:1 get you a job?

Thousands of graduates are currently applying for jobs across the UK, with the end of exams soon approaching more and more students are hitting the job sites hunting for new graduate jobs. Reports state there are more than 200 opportunities in public relations alone. Students are expecting to walk into jobs. 370,000 students who graduated last year are still searching for jobs and the number is expected to grow in 2015.

Being a graduate has never been so competitive, employers are bombarded with hundreds of CV’s and many graduates who are perfect for starting a career in many roles are being left behind based on what is written on paper.

Here at Pareto we are different, we look at the person as an individual rather than what is written on their CV. At our special assessment days for undergraduates we give each individual the opportunity to show off there skills and give them jobs accordingly.

As a recent graduate myself I have experienced the struggle of finding a job. I applied for dozens of marketing jobs and found myself unsuccessful; until I found Pareto. The assessment day was enjoyable and made the process of finding a job much more relaxing. Pareto accepted me based on the skills I have shown rather than what was written on my CV and has placed 1600 graduates in roles fit for them each year.

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