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With over 20 years experience, Access provides best in class HR software. Their flexible end-to-end HR & Payroll solutions support client HR strategy and improve HR, talent management & payroll processes.

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Our Access Group Graduate Schemes

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21 years of excellence

Our Assessment Process

  • One


    Interested in working for a tech giant? Drop us a line with your CV.

  • Two


    The next step of the process is your competency-based telephone interview with one of our Graduate Management Team.

  • Three


    If successful in your telephone interview, we will invite you to a bespoke assessment day with Access Group.

  • Four


    If successful, you'll be enrolled as a Junior Inside Sales Executive on Access Group's graduate programme.

  • Five


    Once you’ve been matched, Access will provide you with in depth, specialist training in the key skills for working directly with clients

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